How CFL revolutionized NCAA/nfl.... story from Damon Allen & Doug Flutie

Today on CBS Doug Flutie and Damon Allen were guests talking about their time in the CFL and how they revolutionized the game of football.

The spread pass-happy football South of the Border originated in Canada as many have known but not too many know the exact behind-the-scenes moments.

Many defenses famous in college football also originated from Don Matthews former Tiger Cats coach Al Bruno and Bob O'Billovich.

When Damon Allen was a player for the Edmonton Eskimos he would constantly draw up extended and extensive quarterback run plays that also allowed him to throw the football. He took that style to BC and perfected it which Doug Flutie admittedly copied and added his own style.

When Flutie was in Toronto many NCAA and NFL coaches visited and one particular coach paid extra attention and would stay for weeks watching practice and film with argos coaches and players in particular Doug Flutie.

He literally copied their offense and took it to New Hampshire, then Oregon, and then air raid offense coaches copied that, and finally nfl coaches took notice.

That coach was now UCLA coach Chip Kelly.

Flutie also said wally buono john hufnagel and George Cortez also are the coaches when in Calgary that started the spread passing game with their unique receiver route running by Allen Pitts, Pee Wee, Sapunjis.


Henry Burris when he was a TSN analyst said Patriot's Asst coach, Josh McDaniel would look in on Ti-Cats practices and took a lot of plays from practices

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