How can you all support this??????

Look, how can you go and continue to support a team that is already looking toward next season with 8more games to play, thats insane! First of all, how can this team fire the coach only a few games into the season, you cant do that in football! Its a war out there, you get your guys and you go, you cant pull the general in the middle of a dog fight, please, smells like bush leauge to me!
Then you want me to come and watch you guys get the pulp beat out of you and happily watch this until next year! What makes you think next year is going to be any different?
How about this, come to freaking to play!

because sometimes you just have to ride the bad times out. it will end. it always does. no matter who they get rid of or do not get rid of, things will change. things will get better. unless...the ticat fans abandon the team and end up like ottawa.

When I feel like this...
I take a few deep breaths-
think happy thoughts-
and slam my head into a wall a few times.

that seems to make it better.

Cause I have season tickets and I like going to games and getting sloshed.

Yes 8 dollar beers and not a single touchdown in 4 games sounds appealing to me too.

Instead of crazy drunks, you get depressed suicidal drunks. (I was in the latter the last couple games I was at) but havent been there for the last 2 home games and wont go to anymore.

No, thats not what I mean! The management of the team has to be accountable for giving up on the season when there was no reason to do so! I challenge anyone to give me one example of a football coach being fired after 5 games into a season, even in college or high school, its disgusting the way these guys went about their business this year, absolutely unexcusable, forget losing, thats a part of life, its the way they went about that sends chills up my spine whenever I think about. They get rid of a good coach and replace him with a hack and then makes changes and tell us wait until next year when we still got a lot of games to play, what the hell!?!?!???

Then don't. But, stop coming on the team's site.

We are out, I know this, all the fans know this and the organization know this.
So they have 2 options.
1.)Ride out the rest of the season and see who is still around and kicking at that point
2.)Start making changes get the guys ready and willing to play on the field for the remainder to get even a little consistancy going and dump the dead wood.
Iknow which Iwould prefer, and judging by the 1st half of the game it is odvious where the org. wants to go also.

With a grain of salt, an incrediably strong constitution, a shot or two of your favorite beverage, and a blindfold.

My stomach is still unsettled from last nights game..or maybe was it the hamburgers and beer?

In bad times like these I pass my tickets on to young people in my family.

They went and even said thanks after the game.... :thup:

because we've lost this season now, and we haven't lost next season.. yet.
we're pissed off football fans. frig, we're ready to fire anybody.