How can we lose?

How can we lose this game. I can't see us losing to a Glennless Winnipeg. Again anything can hapen, so i'am not over confident. I wouldn't want to play anyone else in the Grey Cup. Winnipeg is my third favorite team (behind Hamilton and of course the Riders.) Congrats to them for getting there too. can BC allow 7 sacks and 5 (??) turnovers for the first time all season during the most important game thus far this year?

Still, regardless of the outcome, this is going to be a great game to watch.

I agree 100%. My whole family is getting together to watch this one. It's going to be great! :thup:

30 seconds after the game, it started...think most of my family has invited themselves over to my place for a GC party on Sunday...:lol:

Now...I need to find a couple more couches, and an extra HDTV... :?

I wish i ahd HDTV for this. Every year for grey cup me and other family members always go to someone's house and watch it there. I can't wait. :smiley:

I wonder if the salvation army got any HDTV's that I could get real cheap. :lol:

My answer to your question is by doing exactly this. Lets go play the game with the focus and mindset that we did against BC...if we are up by 15 with 3 mins to go against the Bombers, get out the champagne. Until then reserve yourselves, it hurts alot less if the unfathomable occurs.:slight_smile:


Dinwiddie's a good QB. The Riders will lose if they take the attitude that the win over BC was their biggest game of the year. Remember, we still have to score points and Winnipeg's D was basically as good as Toronto's in the second 1/2 of the season.

How can we lose? Easy: by thinking we can't.

Don't for a minute think it is a done deal.

Just like they said. It ain't over till its over. I don't expect this next game to be easy. The bombers have a GREAT TEAM. This is a team sport.

Im not insinuating anything about the posts currently in this thread, but for the future NO MORE SUGGESTIONS THAT THIS GAME WILL BE EASY PLEASE. Thats the last thing we need in our nation right now. Positive energies are faaaar more constructive, NOT cockyness resulting in taking anyone too lightly.


figures that someone who really doesn't know Austin will say that.

Austin is the Coach of the year for a reason!

he kept this team in check all season long!

he didn't let them get over confident, cocky. or whatever.

They're going to come into this game more ready than ever before! I assure you..

Sorry for not pointing out that my response was to the first poster and anyone who thinks like him. I'm well aware of what Austin is like and fully expect the Riders to come out loaded for bear. Thought that was clear from how I've posted all year.

For those of us who are too young, the 1969 Grey Cup was a game we were supposed to win, but lost. The reason…destiny! The 1969 GC was Russ Jackson’s last game. Even the players said after the game that Jackson was supposed to win, and that was it! Who is the player of destiny on the Bombers? Stegall!!! This game is NOT in the bag until the final gun is sounded!

The Bombers will definately be motivated by the "win it for Turtleman" aspect, and they will also be about winning for the guy who carried this team on his back all season, Kevin Glenn.
They are still a very good football team, and there is nothing more dangerous than a team with nothing to lose, wounded and cornered.
If the Riders ever for even a second think this is in the that second, we will have answered the question--"How can we lose....?"

Your my favorite rider fan.

Exactly....just ask Tyrone Williams :lol:

I agree with what Wally Buono said after the game. In sports, we have no devine right to win. Remember this when we spout off about it being in the bag. They have a great defence, great receivers, and a helluva a great RB. We need to play our best; desperate, passionate, and posessed. Anything else, nad we are in trouble. Please do not forget that we are also beat up.

well guys you all have saidhow can we lose.lets count the ways na would take to long.
well as i see it what ever happens happens,
both teams are beaten up and yes my team will be going to be short a QB (so now you know who i'll be cheering for ) remember the words ANY GIVEN SUNDAY
good luck to both teams it's to bad some one has to lose.
we may never get a chance to see a grey cup of this greatness again. cheers to all the bomber and rider fans. lets just party and oh yea as a winnipeger i'll even play my banjo.


Easy...think the game is won BEFORE the game is played...


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