How can we get Vaughn 1000 yards?

OK, so we are not making the playoffs and we are building for the future...again
Somone once said if you always build for the future the present will suck.

Anyways I feel awful for Terry Vaughn.
All his years in the league and NEVER under 1000 yards receiving in a season.
The only way he makes it this year with the Cats is if we play with 2 footballs on offense, or extend the season by 10 games.

Anyone else feel bad for him?

Anyone else feel bad for him?

...he probably makes 10 times more cash than I do in a year.... :lol:

don't asked... :smiley: mean other than the obvious answer of trading him to a better team?


He's always the one badmouthing the team to the media, be it the spec or that shmuck marty york.

ya he's always been a 1000 yarder, but he's never been "the guy" in a receiving corps.

at least its never seemed that way.

we got the guy for a third round draft pick, from a good team. what do you think we can get for the guy now?

He's always the one badmouthing the team to the media, be it the spec or that shmuck marty york.
I dont remember him doing this? when?

just send him to Toronto, they need WRs, they vae no-name guys like shockmain davis starting, trade him to Toronto for a young player like Khalil Carter.

badmouthing may have been a tad misused by me there.

All i know is every interview i've seen or heard with him he hasn't had much positive to say about the team. its not always negative, but there always seems to be some sort of subtle dig, or reference to the rest of the players...

its never blatent, but i get the feeling hes got no respect for the team.

read his interview with marty york (sorry no link) and you might understand what i'm talking about.

Camouflaged by the Ticats' victory over Calgary was a remarkable accomplishment by Hamilton receiver Terry Vaughn, who caught 10 passes and leapfrogged over Darren Flutie to become the leading receiver (973) in CFL history.

Vaughn is a future Hall of Famer, but he's also underrated. Not only does he own the record for most CFL catches, but he also has the most 1,000-yard seasons receiving, he's never missed the playoffs in his illustrious, 12-year career and his overall regular-season record is 121-82.

What makes him proudest?

"That I have always been associated with winning," he told me. "I have always had a hand in winning football games for my respective teams."

Vaughn said he's especially proud of his 1,000-yard streak.

Both the 1,000-yard streak and the receptions record "demonstrate durability and the ability to make plays," Vaughn said. "I think the 1,000 yards consecutively might be more difficult to do."

Vaughn was a highly touted baseball prospect as a teenager and was drafted by the New York Yankees but chose to attend the University of Arizona on a football scholarship.

Does he have any regrets about a career in the CFL instead of in baseball?

"In baseball," he said, "you can’t hit anyone. I love the contact in football. Also, the camaraderie in the locker room is completely different.

"I believe I would have played in the major leagues. I have several friends who play in the major leagues that I played with and I was considered a better prospect than them."

here is the link:


Immediately after that 29-0 pasting of Hamilton, by the way, Ticats interim head coach Ron Lancaster picked on one player -- veteran receiver/kick returner Craig Yeast -- and cut him mercilessly in front of the whole team.

Lancaster has been around long enough to know that football is a team game, and unloading Yeast in that fashion showed a lack of compassion and a lack of understanding.

"I think Lancaster is classless and full of himself," one of the Ticats told me. "He tries to be a dictator. He tries to tell us what we should eat, where we can go, who we can talk to.

"Well, in this day and age, that's not going to work. We're adults and we can make our own decisions. This is a guy who is showing that the game has clearly passed him by. He's disgusting, and what he did to Yeast was uncalled for."

Lancaster did admit in an interview this week with The Hamilton Spectator that he should have been more diplomatic in cutting Yeast, but the damage already is done.

In fact, the aforementioned Ticat said: "It doesn't matter what Lancaster says the rest of this year. He's lost our respect. And the reality of the situation is that this club was way too premature in firing Greg Marshall. He should not have been fired and Lancaster certainly was the wrong guy to take over. Most of the guys on this team feel this way, believe me."



Well, according to Hamilton's record-setting receiver, Terry Vaughn, we shouldn't be. Oh, and I get the impression Vaughn thinks those of us who figured the Ticats would be a strong team this season were, well, out to lunch.

"Why would you think we were going to be so good?" Vaughn asked me. "Who do we have that's so established in the CFL?"

"Well," I replied, "there's you, and you have more catches than any player in the CFL history. And there's your quarterback, Jason Maas, who had lots of success with Edmonton. And there's Corey Holmes, who was the best player in the Western Division last year with Saskatchewan."

"Yeah, okay, there's those three guys," Vaughn said, "but it takes a lot more guys to make a good team. Who else do we have that's proven?"

"Well," I replied again, "there's Josh Ranek, I guess. He was pretty good with Ottawa."

"Yeah, okay, so even if you want to include Ranek, the fact is that Ranek and Holmes are never on the field at the same time (because they play the same position), so who else is there?"

Dead air. . .

"Who else do we have?" Vaughn asked again. "I mean, are you going to tell me (receivers) Brock Ralph and Kamau Peterson have proven themselves in this league? They've been playing for a few years, but they're far from established, right?"

Okay, Terry, you got me. I stand corrected. But, hey, shouldn't Maas be performing better than he has?

"He was very good in Edmonton when he was doing things he knows how to do," Vaughn said. "He's being asked to do a lot of different things now, and that's tough on him, although he's getting better at it."

Vaughn has records and Grey Cup rings and 12 consecutive 1,000-yard seasons as a receiver, but what makes him proudest is the fact that he's always been a winner.

This season, that streak is in jeopardy, and I find that a tad sad.

• Vaughn, by the way, figures he can keep playing in the CFL for at least two more seasons, but he turns 35 next year and has long felt that 35 would be a good age at which to retire.

"The only thing I find fun now is Game Day," he told me. "Game Day is why I stick around and go through all the crap I do during the week, in practice and meetings and all that. All the other stuff that goes with football, I could care less about. I just wish we could play 18 games back to back to back, and just play.

"I'll probably play next year, but if an opportunity comes up in business or in a football front office, I'd consider it. I want to get in the business world. Owning a restaurant or things like that would appeal to me. I was offered a job as a receivers coach at Fresno State a couple of years ago. If that was offered again, I'd look at it.

"I also think it would be cool to be a general manager. I'd be up front as a GM, and I think you have to do that. Don't blow smoke up players' butts. I've seen a lot of that in my career. Too much of it."


-its clear to me vaughn has wanted out for a long time, possibly since the team was winless in the first month, the team should allow him to leave to continue his 1000 yard streak and collect his cheque.

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wow, are we actually agreeing on something playmaker? mark the calender people!

hey vaughn has gotta go, i agree 100%, enoguh is enough, we dont need any more bad apples in the lockeroom.

I didnt see any of this, I cant believe this hasnt come up sooner.

Someone did post a link a while back; I know because I read the article. No comments were made at the time, which surprised me a little. There's no point anyway, because Marty York seems to have such a bad name on this site that anything he writes will be immediately attacked.

Be Traded to BC…

We don't need an egotist on our team...we just got rid of one, why get another?

im glad you all agree with me, i saw the article a while ago, but didnt post it, and i thoguht this would be the right time to post his remarks. Even thoguh it comes from Marty York, there is no question in my mind that all of those quotes by Terry are true, because if it was fabricated, Terry would have released a statement and denied everything, and he would have ripped Marty York, Terry chose to be silent, so obviously its true, and he has gotta go.

Playmaker88, you are certainly working hard to develop a reputation for restraint and good taste. I’d hate to think what kind of posts you’d generate if you simply wrote about anything that comes into your head.

im trying to be fair with my posts, and im not trying to be a nuisance towards others.

bump and add this to the other thread.

More candor than you usually see from a professional athlete, and so a bit surprising, but is there any of what he said that anyone knows to be untrue?

Most of the guys on the Ticat roster haven't accomplished much of anything - they've played primarily on bad teams, or played secondary roles on better teams, or bounced around, or are new to professional football.

It's interesting that RL is praised for his no holds barred, "telling it like it is" approach because, as we're repeatedly told, he's a hall of famer/one of the best ever. Well, so's Vaughn, and maybe what he's been been directly quoted as saying is just "telling it like it is". Winners know what it takes to win and don't take consolation in team unity.

There has clearly been serious problems with this team and I trust that Vaughn knows better than most what those things are.