How can Tigertown support Ron during his battle with cancer?

[b]To Ron and his family:
All the best in your fight, stay strong, stay together and remember every single person in Tigertown is praying rooting for you.

You'll be back at IWS and in the booth in no time General. [/b]

To Tigertown:

As you can see. I've just read about the Little General's new fight. Does anyone in the organization or close to Ron know how we the fans can help.

Is there a charity of choice that Mr. Lancaster and his family would like us to give in Ron's name to support their battle?

As you know the Tigertown Chapter of CFL Fans Fight Cancer has taken the initiative to raise money for the Wellwood Cancer Support Centre building fund.

We've proven we can raise money for a good cause and I have seen first hand how the spiritual up lift gestures like the one I'm suggesting can help.

Let's show the strength of this fan community, both through individual efforts and group ones. Our strength as Tigertown is our heart, and the ability as fans to rise to the occasion. The Lancasters as alot of you will already know are on and incredible journey. Kind words and gestures really do go along way.


Well Said Jare!

And again as we all know so well…it’s “Ron’s battle” and we can only be there for him in spirit!

Donations to any cancer fighting cause all help…but the important thing is that Ron and his family know that we are thinking of him and wish him the best in his battle!