How Can They Showboat?

I forget what player it was, but during last nights game in the first quarter, Roberts had a ten yard gain. He was hit pretty hard at the end of the play and the Cat player danced around and pumped his chest like he caught him for a 5 yard loss.
What's up with that?
The on and off field leaders of this team have to step up and end stuff like that.

You forget most of these guys are kids. That's the problem here we have a shortage of veterans.

You've read my mind, I was saying that all night last night.

Hey you're down by 17, then 24, then more stop jumping around like an idiot when you finally make a play. You are just doing your job and if you had done it earlier you wouldn't be losing the game.

I think that Winnipeg’s showboating in the second half was bad as well. When you are up by 20 points and get a first down, you don’t dance. Dinwiddie and his calling out the defence after he mad a good (not great) run was ignorant. I was hoping that Armour or Moreno would take the 15 yards and late hit the goof to shut him up.

A brief celebration when players make
a succesful play is okay with me

as long as the game is not out of hand.

Whatever pumps them up and
helps them perform better.

You’re referring to Dwight Anderson, I think. It was a pretty good hit and nice stop, but Anderson acts like he’s just made a Grey Cup winning interception whether they’re up by 10 or down by 50. Takes dumb penalites, too. I’m kind of old school on the celebration stuff.

I noticed it too. It was dwight anderson & I posted a topic about it...

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that is the biggest problem with the see a guy get burned for 35 yards and he ankle tackles someone and he jumps around...what happened to making plays and being classy? Barry Saunders was once asked why he had no celebrations or over the top antics when he scored a touchdown and the answer is as classy as his career..."because I have been in the end zone before"...

enough damn dancing and start winning!!!!!

i think i'll jump around like a moron at work tomorrow when i make a sale

Show boating is the only satisfaction the players get besides cashing their paychecks for non performance.

Give me a team on with no show boaters and I will show you a winning team with a good attitude.

Armour made a tackle in the 4th quarter when we were down and he was pretty much beating his chest and bragging to his teamate about his hit. Some one in the stands yelled at him and he came over a little ticked off by the comment and shouted :"we play till the end". The thing that upset me about this was he didn't seem to be taking the last quarter serious. I realize we are loosing and yeah they should play until the end. You should not be show boating when you are getting beat pretty bad. You should be ticked off.

This is all a FACADE by the players and coaches.


This is a problem throughout football, in all of the leagues & levels. The db's in particular need to think twice about how they celebrate after breaking up one pass. It is usually preceded or followed up by getting burned and makes them look foolish.
Of course, I have also noticed thay many db's have perfected the art of "leaving the scene" as quickly as possible when they get burned, by getting as far away from the WR in the endzone as soon as they can hoping to avoid the cameras. Guess what though guys, there is a thing called instant replay and there is no point in tyring to hide....

You wouldn't happen to work for Dell would you?

I have no problem with players jumping around or hot dogging after a good play if it is warranted.

These actions will often stimulate the other players into better performances.

Whatever it takes to win!