How can the CFL reclaim its glory days?

Aikman and Young will be candidates for CTE when they get older. I hope the donated their brains for CTE study and to find out if there is onset of CTE in them.

Your other points of argument are pointless. Whataboutism isn't a good rebuttal


Until it’s been scientifically proven that CTE occurs ONLY in football players who’ve suffered concussions and never in the general population, football will continue to be the most popular sport in America.

It’s been scientifically proven that consuming alcohol causes liver disease but that doesn’t stop people from hitting the bottle.


it has been scientifically proven by study of brain matter of CTE victims at a Boston and a Toronto university. It has affected pro wrestlers Chris Benoit Eddie Gerrero, hockey players like Stan Mikita, Derek Boogard, Rick Martin.

Recovering alcoholics will tell you alcoholism is a disease and need help to battle the bottle. People with CTE won't know that they have a brain issue until they are dead and open the cranium, thinly slice the brain to detect CTE

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the belief is out there, among medical science, and certainly among general population, that Contact Sports like NA football increase the risk of CTE. So, proof or not, people are now becoming more and more reluctant to have their kids play football.

While it may be awhile before the NFL has notable decrease in ability to get players of high enough caliber, it doesnt mean that there are not some less % of children getting into football, and other contact sports, than there was before

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic


I might add that when discussion popularity of football, there is a difference between popularity of playing vs popularity of watching. As long as the game is being played, people will watch. How long will the game as we know it be played.

I was talking about Canada. Something I would expect a Canadian to relate to, but I guess you're too much of an American wannabe to notice what's going on in your own nation.

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You really believe the Super Bowl isn’t the most watched program in Canada too?

Please educate yourself, my friend.

I was specifically talking about that there are less Canadian youth playing football now. Several high schools have dropped football across the nation.

That has nothing at all to do with the NFL.

It's the other way around. Until there is definitive proof that CTE is not caused by repeated head trauma, people will not allow their kids to play football.

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Concussions aren't just restricted to football.

Soccer has as many concussions if not more than football.

Soccer people won't necessarily let you know about it.

The reality is that sports are evolving.

Speed, intensity, skills among others are leading to concussions.

Soccer???? Until I hear that Renaldo has donated his brain the moment he dies to a Concussion Study, I will then believe soccer players get concussions

You started off with a proclamation that “football in general is decreasing in popularity...”

Now you’re contradicting yourself, my friend.

Soccer had more concussions than football? What is your source for that statement? I find that hard to believe. Fake concussions for sure.


Not surprisingly with heading the ball, soccer has been implicated in concussions that rival football. I don't have the numbers to say it's more or less than football but it's significant. Youth soccer has also considered banning heading the ball to prevent this.

Turns out, hitting the ball with your head at speed (ever watch the EPL) isn't so good for the squishy stuff inside your skull.

With football it's harder to prevent but the rule changes have gone in the right direction. I think they're coming up with better helmet designs so maybe this declining participation will reverse at some point.

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maybe soccer players should wear helmets. I never liked heading the ball myself.

I think it is worse when they bonk heads


I can certainly understand that using your head to boink the ball can’t be very good for it, but that is nowhere near the force with which football players and even hockey players hit their heads. My question about the frequency of concussions in these various sports was a serious one. I don’t know the answer and there must be some data on that. Anecdotally it appears to me that far more football players and hockey players suffer permanently debilitating concussions. Maybe soccer has frequent concussions but they are much milder?


From Complete Concussion management out of the GTA .

Mens rugby has the highest rate of concussions followed by mens football in actual game play .

In practice non game play it's mens rugby and then women's hockey .

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I was surprised to hear about soccer and concussions as well thinking it was mostly football (more than hockey). I guess it is a thing.

Geez, it's has even happened in baseball with runners sliding into second. But that's more of a one off.

Whenever I see a guy head a ball that the opposing goalkeeper kicked, I just get a headache myself. Ouch!

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specially when balls today are heavier/harder than when I was a kid.

This is exactly what happened to my son . He suffered at least 2 to 3 known concussions while playing Football but the one that did him in and finished his active career as an athlete was his 4th one while playing Rugby when he received a mule kick to the back of the head . He was told soon after by several physicians that his playing days were unfortunately over .