How can the CFL reclaim its glory days?

Huge USA fan of the CFL. Remember days when stands were full... Hoping to see a return to those glory days and owners and the league doing what it must to build the league back to what it once was. Sad to see relatively empty stadiums and large sections of stands empty or covered.


Reclaiming the glory days is a toughie. If I was wanting to grow the game in Canada the CFL would have to allow two more teams in BC, one more in Ontario, Quebec and possibly Halifax. They would have to be satisfied with less stadium capacity until new stadiums could be built. There's so much entertainment options out there that a 9 team league is a tough sell at times.

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No expansion in a new city since 1954 in Canada .

Then they wonder hmm why is the game stagnating and maybe lost .

Closing in on 70 years .



Even if they did it once every ten years it would be interesting... but nothing.


I think it would have made a difference in image for the media coverage and over all progression of better media deals today .

Definitely I think the Canadian viewership would be greater today with more stories / venues of interest and rivalries .


Would have been happy one every 20 years or even one every 30 years . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


yes even that is better than nothing lol

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Maybe the league has to get smaller in order to get bigger, if that makes any sense. The league has become tosmall for Toronto. It has big league Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.Toronto has become a New York, Chicago L.A . The league should think about going into places like, London , Quebec , Moncton and the Kingston area. Kingston for example has a nice little stadium that you could expand. The days of getting 30000 fans a game on a regular basis is pretty much over. If these smaller cities can get between 15000-20000 fans maybe these smaller cities can rejuvenate the league. There is less competition for the sports and entertainment dollar. Maybe even move the Argos outside Toronto, so it’s far enough away from the city , but close enough that they can still call them Toronto for marketing purposes.Not all sports teams play in there city. As a Argos season ticket holder, it’s become very sad to see more people on the field than in the stands. If this league does not pivot in new direction and if a Spring League ever sticks , you will start to have a talent drain. Thank you for your time.


A lot of the empty seats is because of the pandemic, some are hesitant to be in crowds and proof of vaccination is needed. There were problems before, but this has a lot to do with it now.


If all games are scheduled on Saturday then having the Argos outside of Toronto could be feasible.

The Cowboys, Rams/Chargers, Giants/Jets, Cardinals and even the 49ers have stadiums outside their cities but if works for them at 6 or 7 of their 8 and now 9 home games are scheduled on Sundays with an odd Monday or Thursday thrown in there.

Unfortunately in Vancouver a Thursday game is a tough sell.

Not sure why that is but you can go a Canucks game in the middle of the week without any issues.


The same in Ottawa the crowd dips down . I believe everywhere takes a dip on Thursday night versus Friday night or Saturday .

You can blame this on the CFL for taking their fans for granted.

Their blackout policy also did a lot of damage to both the Argos and the CFL in general.

The Skydome (which was built as a result of the 1982 rain soaked Grey Cup) also didn't do much for the Argos as the Blue Jays were the beneficiaries (resulting in the city not granting the Argos exclusive football rights).

The Argos had and are having a meriod of problems since the Blue Jays arrived in 1977.

BMO is not working out as it's more of soccer stadium.

Moving them out the city limits may save them for the time being but does nothing in attracting a TV deal and advertisers.

The Argos and the CFL have no choice but to deal with it.

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Considering the Lions were formed before the CFL was, the league has never had a expansion into a new Canadian market.

Unless stadiums exist where a team can play and be viable there's really nowhere to go right now.

So the league would have to get costs down enough and hopefully with revenue sharing a smaller stadium may be feasible.


You are right .

It's even worse with that fact .

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Certainly the tip of the ice berg and has compounded with the arrival of other teams in the market and to an extent Montreal and Vancouver having MLS (and maybe MLB in Montreal in the future).

So I don't think the 'glory days' should be the goal. They need to fix up their business model first - keeping costs in line with revenues and revenue sharing between teams is a start IMO


Having MLSE involved is concerning as it's the NFL that's the end game for them.

Speaking of which the NFL is making noises of expanding and apparently Toronto is one of the cities mentioned in various articles.

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Hire me as commissioner/project engineer. And I stand by comment about requiring all involved to visit a Tony Robbins seminar.

Things do NOT get done as a group. It gets done with one motivated individual -- Walt Disney.

You’re 100% correct about the blackout being a total failure and killing off a generation of fans.

But you’re completely wrong about the Skydome being bad for the Argos.

Before the catastrophic mistake of relocating to the dinkified little BMO bandbox, the Argos we’re drawing 20,000 to 25,000 on a regular basis. And people were complaining about the “low attendance” and how terrible the Dome was.

Now what?

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Are there any other options for Toronto than MLSE? Maybe getting their costs in line and with revenue sharing they can attract new ownership should it be required.

Yeah, saw that mention of possible NFL expansion as well......usually comes up every Grey Cup so it's early this That's a long road should it even happen

Sad to say but those days are long gone and NEVER coming back, my friend.

Its like pining first the WHA to return - - ZERO chance in hell of it ever happening.

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