How Can Our Offence Be Improved?

He hasn't finished his degree this makes his real job prospects pretty slim, so how would sitting around until 2016 help him? Until he speaks out on the subject it is what it is. He's the father of two young children so a family emergency can be very impactfull on those caring for one of his children. He has the right to deal with whatever family matters are at hand, just like AC did when his wife became ill.

So Popp is lying about the family member in a serious car accident?


My impression is that outside of calling the plays, Anthony will essentially be the QB coach and not much more. Dinwiddie will probably be the one who draws up and modifies plays and installs them at practice.

AC should eventually be a great coach. Not only because of his hall of fame career, but he is also a Trestman disciple. He did not collaborate with Trestman as a coach like Brady and Milanovich did, but he should still have learned a great deal playing in his system for 5 years.

I agree, and since he called his own plays for five years under Don Matthews, he already knows how to call a good game, so that puts him ahead of the curve for your typical rookie coach. He's also always been a cerebral guy, a film study nut with a huge work ethic. All those qualities will serve him well as a coach.

This year, I'm not expecting that much, given all that's transpired. But I am excited to see how Dinwillo works as a two-headed OC monster. Ryan was put in an impossible situation last year and he did pretty well with what he had. In hindsight, we would have been better off keeping him as OC this year instead of giving the job to Schonert, but it is what it is.

I'm curious to find out whether AC will be at field level or in the spotter's booth calling plays. My gut tells me he'll be at field level, where he can be more reactive to what he sees on the field, while Dinwiddie will be upstairs looking at the field, maybe scanning coverages, and relaying whatever info he sees to AC.

dap keeps stating that Calvillo called his own plays for 5 years under Mathews. Untrue. Mathews wanted that, Calvillo tried it for part of one season then begged off. Too difficult he said. It then reverted back to sideline play calling.

J'ai des doutes à ce sujet. Je me demande pourquoi alors il aurait insisté pour ne plus commander les jeux lors de l'embauche de Trestman si de toute façon il ne le faisait plus. La source de l'information serait appréciée.

"And let’s remember, while he wasn’t crazy about the idea, .Calvillo called his own plays under head coach Don Matthews from 2002-06 And that turned out pretty good."

That is just poor reporting. Urban myth.

The article is wrong in that it is overlooking the 2007 season under Marcel Bellefeuille, in which Calvillo did not, as far as I know, call the plays.

Slant, si vous estimez cette référence fausse, encore faudrait-il que vous fournissiez une référence qui en démontre la fausseté.

Je crois que Herb Zurkowski demeure un observateur avisé des Alouettes depuis de nombreuses années, aussi à défaut de pouvoir soutenir votre hypothèse avec des références sérieuses qui abondent dans le même sens, la prétention à l'effet que Calvillo a choisi ses jeux de 2002 à 2006 demeure la plus crédible.

Tu essaie de raisonner avec un imbécile. Qui n'est même pas un fan de l'équipe. J'admire quand même ta persévérance. Quiquonque suit cette équipe sait pertinemment bien qu'Anthony à
appelé ses jeux pendant des années.

Bruno Heppell was there for two years of the Matthews era and he reiterated in a recent column that Anthony called his own plays. I remember reading news pieces from that time during which Anthony talked about the pros and cons of calling your own plays as a QB. He said that it allowed him to react very quickly to what defenses were doing; the con is that sometimes you get too into the moment. Which I can totally see: you're not able to take the long view in terms of setting defenses up to attack something later. Calvillo said it; Matthews said it; why are we even talking about this? :?

Calvillo appelait ses jeux, ce n'est pas un secret pour personne, ou pour du moins un fan des Als :wink:

Je me contente de mettre les faits au-dessus des affirmations gratuites. Le reste se fait de lui même.

I'll bet on AC on the sideline as the QB coach needs to interact with he QBs after each series.