How can nobody figure out how to stop the Eskimos.. ?

Their offense is not that complicated at all! they do cross overs and 5 yd dumps and laterals out from the backfield, yet no one can figure that out?

We can see it here on TV, it's very simple offense! there is nothing complicated about it, yet defenses can't stop it..

I don't understand really. where's the brains in this league on Defense?

because the Eskimos rec are very fast , so the defence is playing deep, so the short passes are effective when the defence plays it tight the rec are beating them long . Its just talent get used to it.

It's the power of Ricky Ray. Take away the short stuff and he'll beat you over the top. The best defence IS to give them the dink and dunk stuff and force the recievers to YAC their way down the field. Usually, drives will eventually stall, but Kamau, Stamps, Campbell, Ralph are just playmakers and keep shedding tackles and Ray just keeps delivering.

Plus, because they are successful, the defence tires out on each drive and just allows them to drive, and drive, and drive some more.

Machocka is too smart I guess?

that's funny.

Exactly. Campbell has blazing speed, while Peterson is usually better with the shorter rounds and his good hands. Then while teams are watching them, Stamps tends to get fairly open. Look for Maurice Mann to make a difference too one he gets into the starting lineup in the next week or two. He has "Campbell-like" speed.

I wouldn't say talent so much (not saying the Eskies don't have it, so Eskies fans, don't get on my back about this comment), but if you actually watch most CFL games, almost every defence plays zone more often then they do man to man, and that's why it works so well.

As stupid as it may sound.... Swervinmervin may just be right about Maciocia being to smart, well him or the Eskies O-coordinator, cause they seem to be the most successful team in the West when it comes to these plays which happen to be working really well.

And when the D starts to cheat, a few people have already mentioned it, the Eskies have guys going deep already to open up that gap and keep the D honest.

It certainly does seem like very simple schemes on offense... we still manage to almost blow it against the Ticats this year, just like the last couple of years, and we've still given up a couple of very winnable games due to bad playcall decisions or turnovers. But it seems that with Rick Worman and Recievers coach Mike Kelly advising Danny on the game plan and playcalling, our much (fairly) maligned Maciocia has decided to learn from past years and follow the old KISS rule. Screens, crossing routes, attack the middle, the endzone corner... precisely the sort of plays that Edmonton has always done well, and ones that allow the recievers to be the playmakers.