How Can MLS Get More Expansion Interest in CAnada Then CFL?

You have to wonder why there's barely any interest in expansion franchises for the highly popular CFL in this country,
while we have people with money in this country going after these MLS franchises?

Right now the MLS, which I think will fold within five years, is coming up here and drawing expansion interest.
In fact they're forcing potential buyers to build soccer only stadiums, while the CFL can't get anybody to even add a coat of
paint to their existing stadiums, let alone build new ones.

I think what it comes down to is being aggressive. There are potentially great CFL cities like London and Quebec and
Halifax just sitting there, but the CFL has done squat in trying to drum up expansion interest in those cities.
Here in London we had a game five years ago that sold out, but there's been nothing since. In fact the cFL barely gets covered.
Even though the interest is here.

In my opinion the CFL is keeping itself from exploding in popularity by moving too slow. They gotta hire an expansion comittee and get the ball rolling. This sitting back and hoping for Ottawa to grace us with their precense in the league, for the third time, is getting embarassing. Screw Ottawa and go after new fresh markets. Because right now the league looks old and stale.
And the MLS could start taking expansion money that should go to the CFL.

You make a lot of good points berezin. But read this article in Forbes:

"Major League Soccer was on life support at the beginning of this decade. It was mired in a bitter lawsuit with its players, games were mostly played in football stadiums before sparse crowds, two teams had to fold and the league was hemorrhaging money. It looked like MLS might join an alphabet soup of failed soccer leagues including the NASL, USL and WISL.

It is a much different game today. Seven of the league’s 14 teams play in soccer-specific stadiums, five of which have been built since 2002. Expansion franchises in Seattle and Philadelphia recently agreed to pay $30 million each to join the league, three times what Toronto FC paid to join MLS three years ago. Commissioner Don Garber says the next two expansion teams, to be announced in 2009, will cost $40 million. Some team owners are even floating a $50 million price tag." . . .

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The league is doing what they can. The commissioner was in Moncton, talking with the mayor and other representatives there. They have support from local authorities there, but not enough corperate sponsors/investors. The market in Quebec city has a growing group of corperate intrest, especially with some money coming for a Laval project from the feds, but the feds threaten to pull the money if the plans change. Ottawa had the management team and sponorship, but their stadium needs to be rebuilt.

They're not planning on making expansion mistakes. Been there, done that. They need a stadium, a good management / ownership team, and a gameplan before they will move forward on an expansion.

It'll be interesting if the price tag of franchises keeps going up as the Forbes article says. All that being said, I don't know. I know there are a lot of soccer players at the kids level in the US and Canada, millions. But once they get old enough and they see their school mates who are really athletic and can make the big money in the much more prestigious sports of football and baseball in the US, well, how may will remain big soccer fans? They know at that point to get to the big leagues of soccer in the world, they are up agains't the world, literally. The NCAA, NFL, and MLB will still attract the majority of field sports fans I think in the long run.
But the more soccer specific stadiums they get, the better and this maybe is one of the biggest reasons now for the success the league is having compared with years ago.

You neglecting the NHL for some perticular reason? Most of the quality athletes in Canada seem to trend that way first.

I was just talking about field sports z, that's all. Here in Canada, the NHL will probably always be the most prestigious for that reason that it is the one sport here where Canadian kids can make it to the big-time money, arena sports wise. No disrespect intended for the NHL.

Take Pinball, I read his book and he was a huge soccer player but got into football, he knew he was good enough at football/soccer to maybe make the NFL. Soccer will not attract the best athletes in the US to it compared with the football and baseball in the field sports therefore it will lack the prestige in the long run there.

Anothe example, Canadian. I knew of a guy who was a great athlete, great hockey player. Got into football in Grade 9 and ran over people but tweaked his knee. His dad pulled him out of football as he was sure he would make the NHL. And he did make the NHL. This is why football in Canada, as a general rule, doesn't get the best athletes here. Just general rule though. Some great athletes in the CFL, Canadian, who were in the minority who never were introduced to hockey early enough although when I was young, we all played hockey, anyone who was anyone in my neighbourhood.

i don't know what too think of MLS. It seems to me that they are doing the same thing NHL was doing in the 90's, expanding like crazy , to keep league afloat with big time money. Once that stop , it's been down hill for the NHL. No good T.V contract, a strike/lockout, teams losing money, so on and so on.

I believe the CFL should be aggressive with expansion. The right time to expand is when the T.V contract is up. Adding more teams would give them the chance to have more then one t.v deal (e.i-- tsn and CBC/sportsnet or whoever), which would bring in more money. TSN can't show all games if there was 6 games per weak. They just proved that this weak. If they can get the right kind of money from any t.v deal, it doesn't matter the size of the stadiums they go to. Right now Montrel is surviving with a 20k+ stadium. If 12 teams get 4-5 million dollars each from a tv deal, whats wrong with going to Quebec City which only holds 18000.

Unsure but here are possible reasons why Major League Soccer is expanding while CFL is not. There may be weaker barriers to MLS expansion. CFL worries about past failures, high costs and low revenues. In Canada, soccer players tend to earn less than football players. Lack of suitable stadiums, investors and big enough markets. MLS is mostly American and Canadian investors are less common. Also CFL is a mature league limited to Canada, but MLS is younger and less afraid to grow in larger North America.

I have been to an MLS game in Toronto and the crowds are amazing. They are full of life and energy. The stadium is awesome. For 20 mil, I can see why so many cities want and expansion team. But, the soccer is abosolutely terrible!

I have 2 words for why the MLS is successful, somewhat, now and why cities want an expansion team:


Well, if it's more about a David Beckham type phenomena, look for a crash like the markets are having ie. wow, everything is doing fine and upbeat and then, bam, crash, teams are worth piddly etc. Not that I wish this for the MLS, not at all, all the best to them. But soccer and North America, these words together, seem to be a disconnect to me.

Another Chicken Little thread by berezin... why am I not surprised?... :roll:

since toronto got a team, i said that the luster would wear off in 5 years. it's not about a winning product on the field, it's about a competitive exciting game which the MLS does not have.

once beckham is done, i think the mls is right behind it

It is very VERY SIMPLE why the MLS has more people wanting an MLS team then a CFL team. Look at all the people lining up to buy MLS teams. Where are they from? Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal. Now out of those 3 cities 2 of them have CFL teams while one has a conditional CFL team. I would be conserned if you saw Halifax of QC going for a MLS team instead of a CFL team but all the big cities already have CFL teams.

Hey Sambo.
Stealing my catch phrases.
TAlk about a sign of respect.
But how is this Chicken Little?
You have to use it in the right context.
This thread was an observation.

Well, the model works for the Leafs/TFC, so other would-be sports moguls are jumping on the bandwagon. Since the MLS is unproven, they can still hope to make money someday...while with the CFL, it is proven that they won't (unless they buy the Riders :slight_smile:

Looking at this pic, what sort of upgrades would need to be done (beyond adding more seats) to make PEPs Stadium CFL-ready. I understand there was an exhbition game there in 2003 anyway. With an existing capacity of 18,500 (and presumably some decent washroom/concession facilities to handle that sized crowd), Quebec City ought to be the most attractive place for an investor(s) to come in with a proposal to lease and improve the stadium for CFL football ala what Hunt and his guys in Ottawa are up to right now.

No, Sambo has it right. You always scream that the sky is falling. You always think everyone is out to get the CFL. Put your tin foil hat back on quick!

Numerous times this year I have seen CFL headlines on the TSN site so lets try something new like not just making stuff up maybe? Sounds good to me.

Artificially making an MLS team's worth 50 million will not save this league from folding. The league has as many problems as before, unless that get's changed I can't see it being here for long. It's kind of a shame.

Looks like there is plenty of room for parking lots ...just gotta get rid of those pesky baseball fields.... No one will miss them one plays baseball anymore anyways!!!

This wishful thinking that MLS will fold in a few years is utter nonsense. The teams that have built their own stadia are becoming profitable as they are able to maximize their revenue streams. This trend will continue as more and more teams build their new homes. The MLS business model has been quite effective and should be emulated by many other leagues trying for long-term survival. The league has had only two franchises fold in 13 seasons (need I remind you that the CFL has lost that many in Ottawa alone), not to shabby for a supposed second-rate sport.

MLS will be here for a long time to come. Although I do not support the league expanding into Ottawa. Vancouver and Montreal should be given preference should the league desire to increase its presence in Canada.