How can I watch CFL Games Overseas

There are many die hard CFL football fans living over seas!! We would love to watch CFL football!! Live or preferably taped, as time zones don’t often match when the games are showing…ie, we are working hard on a Monday morning as games are being played Sunday in Canada. The NFL has a great thing going called “Game Pass” and the NHL, a not so great thing going, cause there are delays, poor feeds and many other excuses for a poor product. That being said, I would rather watch Football!! Is there some way we can watch CFL football?? In Japan! Willing to Pay!!

cheers tom612stang

ESPN3 is streaming online, and if you get NBC sports network they are showing 14 games, including the Grey cup and ESPN 2 is covering a few games at the start of season

Fly Westjet, they have TSN available on their flights,................. Said one Bomber fan to the other. :lol:

How does that help him? He's OVERSEAS in Japan!
Like the rest of us that aren't in North America right now we have to watch VOD on TSN

You cant stream on ESPN3 overseas? sorry I was not aware, just trying to help

ESPN3 will only work if your ISP (internet service provider) is affiliated with ESPN3. I would guess that these are all US based ISPs. For the past few years ESPN3 has been working flawlessly. I don't mind the commercails as long as they carry the games. I am a CFL die-hard. Also the games used to be available directly on site, soon after they were played, commercial free. Last year TSN drastically cut down the number of games and the amount of time the games were stored for re-viewing. A couple of years ago the CFL were offering games, after being played, for $1.99 from iTunes, this was a good idea if one had no other alternative. The problem with the iTunes was that you needed a Canadian credit card. If you did not have a Canadian credit card it was, tough luck. Failing all of the above most radio stations will stream the audio of the games, so you can do you're chores while listening to the games. In general I've seen nothing but gradual improvements in the quality and avalabily of CFL games being streamed online. I hope it continues.

Another option, which I sometimes use, is to install a Slingbox in the home of someone in Canada and share their feed. If you know somebody, try offering to pay a portion of their cable bill in exchange for letting you watch CFL games. The advantage here is that you get EVERY GAME, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection - I recently watched some Canadian TV while in Thailand, for example. The disadvantage is that the stream quality is limited by both the host's upload speed and your download speed, but it can still look decent on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. If your host has HD you can stream that too with the right Slingbox version.

In North America only - the TV's go completely dead 20 mins off the coast on the way to Hawaii. :roll:

not that i would condone jtv, but it is an option.

We have Century Link which is one of the biggest internet providers in the southern US, they don't carry ESPN3.
When I get back I am going to try one of the "hideIP" programs and see if that works.
Right now I'm in Spain and my internet works at a snails pace and I can't stream anything.

Is this site still active for non Canadians? I used to have to use this one if I wanted to watch a game that wasn't available on TV under the old AmerciaOne deal when I lived in the US. I'm not sure if its still active but when I used it you could pay per game or an annual fee for a full season package including playoffs. When I go to the site now it recognizes my Canadian IP and redirects me to

Go to Starbucks and use their WiFi.

I would love it if they had a Starbucks here but none!! MacDonalds of course, good coffee and only 1 Euro but no wifi.
I have to wait until we get back at the end of August to watch CFL. My Hide IP should work.

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And there are others ...

But not in this village!! oskee we we

Found a Starbucks in Las Palmas, only problem is they aren’t open when CFL games start…lol
Ticat game started at 1 AM local time and the West game at 4am!!

Info from Riderfans....I'm in Japan and I can watch the VOD without issue.

I've just double-checked again, and I'm pretty sure that the only TSN VOD streams that are blocked are the ones that have a Canadian flag on the video thumbnail image.

You can subscribe to one of the IP hide sites let's it think you are in Canada. I can also watch Brit tv from anywhere., wife has to watch her Brit mysteries and Coronation St

Do you have another? First row worked on my laptop but now I have a tablet (android) and it won't work.
Even TSN VOD stops after the 1st qtr and then starts over again, never had a problem with my laptop but it's gone titsup