Are you kidding me???

Because we lost Tony Simmons for the season, and Paris Jackson/Ryan Thellwell have been playing injured for a while now.

but it sounds like BOE is damaged goods as well.

I wouldn't worry too much. I trust Buono. With the way our QB's are playing (all 3 of them), they could line me up at WR and I would run all over the Stamps D.

I coulda said the same thing 15 to 35 yrs long as they didnt hit me :lol:

Nice football :smiley: I'm 22, 6'3 and 190. I wouldn't be too terrible of an addition to the team!

I am 51, 5'8 and I am supposed to be 150 sopping wet, but I have a 70 lb gut, sigh

But oh I was so fast.....damn gettin old anyhow, sobb

22 was my best yr on and off the field.

...both of you are intentionally, one figure out who is who...

You know if there is one upside to my team not being in the playoffs it's that I can read the trash talk back and forth for once without feeling burned myself

They both look like tuna’s! ha ha ha Who won?

a friend of mine, whos never touched a football in his life, is goin to practice kicking FG’s this weekend…

his goal:

to take jamie boreham’s job on the ticats…hahahaha
i must admit, atleast hes targeting the weakest link in the league…haha

…what…you throwing in the towel Esqui…i thought you were still in the hunt…mathematically at least…never say die my friend…cuz that’s when it IS over…Just think back to the game when the Bombers pulled it out with no time on the clock…your clock is still tickin… :wink:

Who's BOE?

...Marc Boerichter, ex-Stamp who has been off and on in the NFL for awhile....big guy, big hands, been injured though....

Stop it now!!! you’re depressing me. I’m 41,5’9", and 178 lbs, And can kick a 40 yard FG…Straight Toed! But with a broken disc in my back my playing days are over.