How can anyone Blame our Quaterbacks for this one..

This game was not the Quarterbacks Fault
Their was no Pass blocking at all
Cook was Awful and should have been gone last year.
I hope Peter Dyakowski is ready for next week
Maybe Pascal will be back next week.
Someone has to play that other Guard spot
Cut Cook.

Too Many Penalty in the 1st half

The Defence played well Enough to win
they just ran out of gas in 2nd half.
cause lack the of Offence..
I agree Shaw has to be cut two

I don't Blame Maas or Chang

The OL was the real Problem..

Very well said Onknight…
I totally agree 110%

If this doesnt show the problem with our recieving core then i dont know what will !!!!

why? when it's just so simple to blame the qb.
i feel both maas and chang are quality qb's.
this offence is almost as bad as baressi's. i hope it's just a time thing to fix cause taaffe had a pretty effective in montreal.overall, all the offensive units are out of sync


Why didnt they give Bauman a shot on the outside ?? At least he wants the ball !!!!!!

oline is not blocking playing as time to throw only effectiveness chang and maas had was on the rollout bootleg or scramble.
receivers not making reads, the funniest part of the night is watching gardner running a timing route and go opposite from were the ball is thrown and the crowd automatically booing maas.
2nd and long vs argos defence is death.

Offensive Line trouble and inexperienced receivers are the 2 main reasons we lost tonight.

Agree completely with the posts above. I wont put the blame square on Maas for this one.

Thank you for this post. I am sick of football know-it-alls who can only point fingers at the QB position when clearly the offensive line and receiving corps are horrid right now. Football is a team game people!

Quick question here…Is Jamie Baressi still our offensive co-ordinator? because I swear I’ve seen this same crap before. New actors, same theatrical performance!!!

Man, this is so frusturating. This thread is great though as the QB position clearly was not the problem last night. Heck, Maas even threw a descent long ball only to watch Ralph drop it. One drop out of at least 3 or 4 very catchable balls and they were all drive killers. If we have 3 Americans on the o-line then why is it so bad???? Someone on the 5th quarter last night complained about our lack of American talent, I have to agree, we must have the worst American talent in the league. Sigh.

Might have been a competitive game if Gardner and Brock didn't drop passes. OL needs major work... Maas and Chang constantly pressured.... Doesn't get easier with a win hungry Als team coming in next week


Add # 62 Hage to your list. This guy has been outmatched since the Black & Gold game. I also agree Wayne Shaw should be gone as well.

This thread is so refreshing !!! For once Ticat fans are seeing the problem that the Ticats have had for many seasons now ( maybe since Flutie retired )

We just dont have any recievers that know the Canadian game . They dont know how to read a blitz so they can break off paterns and be a hot reciever on blitzes . They dont seem to be able to get seperation from coverage and they dont seem to be able to fight DBS for balls that are in thier hands on tight coverage .

Bishop was very average last night I thought , but his guys worked to get open and read coverages and they worked for him . Ours not so much !!! Brock Ralph would not be a go to guy on any other team in the CFL so why is he ours ???


I'm not blaming Maas for last night, I just don't think that he can make plays as much as Chang can at this point given the state of the receiving corps.

Chang will make mistakes, for sure. However, the fact there is NOTHING happening offensively with Plan A demands that Plan B gets meaningful reps.

As for Cook, I think that card may be played along with Shaw PDQ.

Oski Wee Wee,

they have needed recievers for years.when was the last time mccarthy found a quality player


and partially the o-line’s fault

Based on what I have read ... one question:


Just how long does it it take to learn the complex play book? (run 8 yards, turn, catch ball two yards shy of first down)

Ok, two questions.


he on the Injured List

If for no other reason than he can run (away) faster, Chang should start. :wink:

I felt so sorry for Maas after the first couple sacks. Maas seems like a real warrior but his confidence has to be totally destroyed by now. If the OL can get them some time for the QB's to operate and a few things start to go right Chang/Maas might be a nice 1-2 punch.