How can anybody think Ham, Tor or Mont are better then Blue?

I keep reading all the different posts, on all sorts of topics, but all that seems to come up is how the Bombers will finish last in the East. That all the other teams in the East are so big and bad. That they all Improved while the Bombers didn't.

I'm not sure about how many people who post on this site, really follow the game, but I would bet not many. I find it even funnier the guy's who go and read last years stats and then make posts like they are Eric Tillman.

I posted on another topic and stated the Bombers do well in the East. I got a bunch of stats from years past that argued my comments, however none of the stats showed playoff results.

on that note I have always said that the CFL is two seasons in one. The second season starts in October. Well see where the Bombers are sitting come then.

I just want someone to give me real reasons why Ham, Mont and Tor are way better then the Bombers? Convince me! No Bull, why are they better then the Bombers?

Jason Maas, Anthony Calvillo, and Damon Allen. No offense to the Bombers, but Glenn just isn't at their calibre - at least, not yet.....just my opinion.....

.......Montreal and Toronto are starting the season with veteran coaching staffs and last year's rosters pretty much intact.........Hamilton has amazing talent but might take some time to gel (ala Calgary '05).......Winnipeg has a rookie coaching staff and while the offense should do well the jury is still out on the defense......

they are better cause they have more talent than the bombers do , epsecially at QB. Als have Calvillo, Argos have Allen, ti-cats have Maas, and if you watched Maas in the Western Final last year , you saw what he can do QBing an offence. To quote bomber playoff perfromances they have to make the post-season first.

I’m with RandW, Your offence will do well, but I am not sure about your defence.

Still think this whole season will come down to injuries, and depth.

if we signed hebert, our front 7 would be top 3 in the league. we have cameron for canadian depth behind brown. hes looking good 6-3, 270, Carleton ’98, DOB: Sept. 25, 1974 in Ottawa, Ont. made 22 defensive tackles in 18 games with the Renegades last season. He started the last five games of the season on the defensive line. He finished ’05 with two sacks and one pass knockdown.

hebert would also help our coverage with his 3 interceptions last year, fit in GREAT with woodson and Simpson with 66 tackels, and tied for league leading 29 special teams tackles. hebert, mckinlay, gallant and ockimey will be amazing in special teams, we also have ockimey with 17 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in 11 games for depth. we have boyd barrett for safety who is the fastest on the team and a NI. we'll probably be starting an import at safety though. however our defence is already looking good without kyries, add him and it would be amazing!

our secondary we have:
santino hall: 51 tackles, 3 picks in 2004 in 15 games (not much playing time in 05)
Robert grant: 46 tackles, 4 picks, 11 knock downs in 2004(injured in 05)
omar evans: 5 picks, 2 TD's, 8 knockdowns, 43 tackles
William Fields: 45 tackles, 7 knock downs, 4 picks
Anthony Malbrough: 2 picks, 2 knockdowns, 19 tackles in 8 games.
stanford samules: 61 tackles
Brad Franklin: 55 tackles

Joe Flemming: 31 tackles, 5 sacks
Doug Brown: 31 tackles, 5 sacks(missed 5 games)
Gavin Walls: 12 sacks, 1 pick, 40 tackles
Tom Canada: 9 sacks, 42 tackles
Ron Warner: 17 tackles, 6 sacks in 9 games in 2000
Cameron Legault: 22 tackles, 2 sacks. started only 5 games, played 18

Barrin Simpson: great leader, CFL all star 4 of 5 years, division all star 5 of five years. 72 tackles and 6 sacks.
Sean Woodson: 90 tackles, 3 sacks
Ron Ockimey: 17 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles in 11 games
Hebert: 3 picks, 66 tackles, 29 special teams tackles(would be sweet if we got him!!!)

our D was great under Rust last year with the following big players:

once rod left the D sucked it up because of the scheme. now we have a great group of defensive coaches including coordnater greg marshal, with all our new talent. marshall is even better then rust

hall and evans..... where have i heard those names before...........

first off, our QB situation. alot of people bash Glenn. Glenn is actually good. Reason number one, last year our recievers consisted of wayne maggarity, kamau peterson...etc. with all do respect to these guys, they really couldnt catch the ball very well. we only had one go to reciever being milt, and when hes got double coverage lined up on him almost every down, its kinda hard to get open. so Glenn didnt have many options.

second of all, the offensive line was off to a brutal.....unbelievably terrible start. not only was their alot of sacks, but alot of pressure to obviously. charles roberts himself had a terrible start last season.

Third, the bombers had bad coaches last season. with the exception of rod rust but he left. so with out a recieving corp, and a bad O-line....and a QB in his first season as a starter........what do u think is going to happen in the CFL? once we got a stable offensive line, and brazell, being more then one go to reciever, things really started clicking......however, brazell got injured shortly after his arrival. so we were back to being a one trick pony on first downs. Glenn also had no one to push him for his job. he also missed 3 games last season, and despite all this, he put up 3500+ passing, and 27 TD passes. more TD passes then the amazing Ricky Ray, and the QB by the name of kerry Joseph some of u wanted oh so much lol. and look at their recieving corps. much better then ours, their o-line was steady the whole season. Glenn also had the fifth best efficiency rating in the CFL. thats pretty darn good considering the circumstances.

this year we have coach Berry....who coached Calvio, a once very Bad QB, to get a 6000 yard season......just the fourth QB in CFL history to accomplish that. Glenn will flourish under this guy. the numbers he put up last season was good enough to win the games....the Defence just gave up more then our offence could score. because of a terrible scheme.

He also Got second in the QB challenge. ppl say he threw alot of interceptions, but he threw less the Dany Mac, Kerry Joseph, Ricky Ray, and Anthony Calvio. Anthony Calvio threw alot more passes though.

hes also got the likes of brad banks to push him for his job. hes got 3 go to recievers this year being Milt, Brazzell, AJ lll. all capable 1000 yards recievers. a huge upgrade over last season. our offensive line which managed to somehow give up the third fewest sacks by the end of the season despite the brutal start, is even more improved with Kahn, St. Germain, heridan, Mechrek, and Fiaconi. Roberts to pass to out of the backfield, and open up the pass with his solid running (especially with our offensive line). Glenn will have a stellar year this season. i definately think Glenn is good enough. im not saying hes at the level of damon allen or anthony calvio, but i do think he will suprise alot this year.

you're obviously mistaking experience for talent. Kevin Glenn is a very talented QB who lacks expereince, and no one can argue against that.

also when you look at the whole team the bombers have way more talent than the ticats.

i agree and one advantage we have against the ticats is that the coaches we have are ''smarter'' than the ones in hamilton

no offence tho

If you want to underestimate the Ti-Cats, james and BB, go right ahead, its underestimating opponents that will be the undoing of any team in this league.

im not underestimating the ticats, i think their very good this year.....where have i said the ticats arnt good? the same argument can be used for everyone else and the bombers!


You forgot to mention the Edmonton game where they only scored 14 points against you.

I'm just kidding, but you do make good points. I think the major reason people think you'll finish last is your performance from last year. Obviously you have improved but you'll have to prove yourself on the field. Teams like Montreal and Toronto are no slouches.

Montreal has arguably the best qb in the game in Calvillo and one of, if not the best, offensive line. They also have a great running back and receiving core. Their defence is their weak spot but they still went to the grey cup last year.

Toronto has a great defence, one of the best secondaries in the game and one of the best linebacking crews in the game. Eiben, Fletcher, and O'Shea make up, imo, the second best linebacking cores in the game, behind Calgary. Their defensive line, although weak against the run, does put pressure on the qb. On offence they have the reigning MOP who seems to get better with age and have a great receiving core too.

Hamilton has also improved a lot and I believe people think they will finish higher than Winnipeg because of all the big names they have signed, Corey Holmes, Josh Ranek, and Jason Maas will help that offence out immensely.

Winnipeg did do alright against the east last year, going 4-4, and did improve with the signing of Simpson and got a lot of help from the dispersal draft. Their signings, though, compared to Hamilton's, were more low-key (excpet Simpson) and that is why, I think, people think Hamilton will do better. Offensive lineman signings are usually low-key but my belief is having a good non-import offensive lines in Canadian football is one of the top priorites when making up a winning team. Not only do they give your qb more time and allow him to stay healthy, it also gives the running back more room to run and allows the team to play more imports in other needed areas. You guys will do better than last year but you still have to prove yourself to a lot of people, a 5-13 team always does. Your team, imo, could finish as high as second but it will be tough sledding this year, not only for the Bombers, but for every team.

Well put, I can't think of anything to add but echo jm02....You need a bonafide QB to win in this league. Maybe Glenn will prove me wrong this year

Main reason IMO is the fact that the bombers have an inexperienced and mediocre qb in Kevin Glenn.

To many fans we are looking to see if the Bombers have made any substantial changes to their team.

The Bombers have struggled the last year or two, and from what I have noticed I never saw any mention of major upgrades to the Bombers for the year.

For that reason it is hard to assume that they will vastly improve by using the same team as last year. I am sure they could improve somewhat, but to assume that the Bombers will double their wins with the old team is hopeful, but may be unlikely

ha ha thats really honestly it is. it made me laugh. im not being sarcastic either.... lol i guess the reason i brought up the edminton game was because i honestly thought they were gonna rip us apart! im only 17, and when ur even younger watching ricky ray rip things apart back in the day like he did and ur insecure about ur own team u get kinda scared lol. plus sometimes memory exagurates things a little. so thats why i bnrought it up over and over......and over. lol! but yeah i understand were gonna have to prove ourselves. i have no problem with that, who wouldnt after coming off a 5-13. although hamilton had the same record. thing is, yeah they signed alot of big names, but we already had as many big names as they signed, plus signed more. thats what it seems like to me anywase. however i think the signing of jason maas alone will increase their team ALOT.

but one thing that slipped my mind was, Maas was really only in those few playoff spoots last year. and when he was the starter for edmonton before Ray came, they barely made the playoffs. so i dunno, they may not be as good as everyone thinks including myself. i was high on them when they signed Maas and filled in their running game with ranek. then they brought in cavil, who i think very highly of. i thought theyd be first in the east, but now that i think about it, im not sure. itll be a tight race......thats for sure.

were not going in with the same team, we brought in barrin simpson, ron warener, anthony malbrough, santino hall, AJ ll, brad banks, val st. germain, Obby kahn, cameron legault, robert grant, lawrence richardson, adrian madise, chris brazell last season but he got hurt right away anywase and didnt come untill late, and a whole new coaching staff with a wicked awsome Defensive coordnater and a great QB and offence coach with Berry. we also have all our stars from last year except stokes. look at my defence post if u dont know who some of those guys are, as for the offensive sure uve heard of them.

for those that dont realise that i included late additions from last season to, i included late editions from last season to lol.

Oh, comon ro1313, you're spoiling the party! The Winnipeg posters are copying what some (Excluding jm02, roughy and Billy) Rider posters did last year. Planning Parade routes before the first coin is flipped.

ha ha thats right, keep mocking us, see if we care lol. im not saying were going to be an unstoppable team or anything, just to clear things up. im saying we definately wont be a push over.