How can a team

How can a team that has so much talent on paper be so bad. in the off season we signed all these great players, new oc and we're still garbage.. we fired the head coach but still nothing has changed..this offence has no idea as to get points. do we fire the whole offence? ofcoarse not. the obvious decision is to fire Poa Poa. 2 points in two home games. just disguisting..


you nailed it!

No accountability. That was the hallmark of the Marshall years, or perhaps we should say the "Young years." Awhile back Bob got all upset when a fan suggested the team management was not committed to winning. Said it was the biggest insult possible. OK, I'll accept that the people Bob hired to run the football operation are trying their best. The only logical conclusion is that these same people are totally and completely incapable of the task that has been assigned. Now what?

Exactly, accountablity keeps everyone working hard!

Its because were using a pee-wee football play book.

The wrong coach got fired....thats the said part.