How broken is this forum ?

Anyone else have posts go to ether when hitting the submit button or random errors, seems that its been over a week that these issues have persisted for me anyway?

i've had it happen a few times this week. perhaps they're testing updates for the new site?

It hasn't happened to me..... Then again I haven't posted much lately

I've had lots of problems too the past week or two. Its very frustrating.

I don't know about the issues stated thus far but I do know that this site runs incredibly slowly for me. It literally takes me 30 seconds to go from the topic list into a topic. It's been doing this for a while now which is why I haven't been coming here very much.

Have had no problems here with posting or load speed.

When I click to enter a topic and hit my back button, I keep getting an error message. I refresh and it takes a long time to load the main page back up.

No problems for me with the forum, although I lurk more often that I post...

Data tries to post on the forums: