How bout those ticats

perenial loser they are :lol: wasn't even close.

They'll be alright eveentually.

Ricky looked pretty good in the second
half, didnt he?

I expected alot from the Cats but as we know this is the first game of the season

The cat's lost because of their lack of discipline, and their defensive secondary.

That i am sure was one of the factors. But some Home cooking would settle their nerves down.

in time, the ticats will not make those mistakes anymore, this is week 1 after all.

It is nice to see that the ARGOS won with their back up Q.B.

Better start calling him your starter, HT, cuz he is going to succeed Allen, I'm putting my money on it.

Nice to see you actually WATCH the games.

No surprise Toronto beat Hamilton today. For years, Toronto has dominated Hamilton. Preseason games may be misleading as the 2 undefeated teams both losted in first real game.

montreal was the other undefeated team in preseason...and still are

The Stamps went threw the same thing with Burris last year in a new offence, the Ti-Cat fans just need to give it some time.

thats exactly what i think too...most ticat fans are expecting too much too soon from this team...they will grow into the expectations.

Well, the Ti-Cats played a good game, and could have won if not for the penalties.

they were so predictable...every play it was givin to holmes....coulda changed it up a bit...the argos mixed up the offence well, i thought....ricky got alot of touches, but so did miles, bruce, baker and stokes.

They must be perennial losers: they're tied with your Bombers.

Come to think of it, they were tied with them last year as well.

In fact, the last time the two teams weren't tied was 2004, when the Cats were 9-8-1 and made the playoffs, while your 7-11 Bombers stayed home. So if the Cats are perennial losers, it's good to know that we have some company: someone who's been there for a long, long time, who can show us the ropes...who can teach us how to be the best losers we can be.

(To all other Bomber fans, I apologize. This was directed at this dipstick, not at you or your team.)

At least for now i expect teams that lose will turn it around in week 2

(To all other Bomber fans, I apologize. This was directed at this dipstick, not at you or your team.)
All the other bomber posters at least have some knowledge of the game unlike this guy, he is just like Argos-Bills, here just to incite people. Even KK has better knowledge and has more respect among posters than this dolt. If I was a bomber fan, I would be totally embarrassed by him. I have respect for the rest of the bomber fans that post here, at least they respect other opinions and can give smack AND take it.

Ticats i am sure will get things started by Week two it would be nice to see the Ticats ready to bring their A game in WEEK2.

I was thinking the same thing. At first Maas seemed to be mixing it up, but by the second half it was nearly all Holmes. The TiCats have a great offensive and should utilize all of it. I hope Ranek gets back. That was part of the problem.