How "bout those Ref's

Well those ref's made it look pretty obvious that they were pulling for Mont. IE: making penalty calls in French.

Plus Montreal was doing a lot of the same things but not being called.
It almost seems like the ref's are being told to call a lot of penalties against the Cats b/c the Cats have built up a reputation as a team that you DON'T want to be like.

Even the CBC anouncer (Lee I think) laughed about it and showed that even they were pulling for Mont.

I thought they were supposed to show an un-biased opinion. Oh well CBC sucks anyway.


Oh please!
That has got to be one of the,no it is the most ridiculous thing I have seen here.
Stop crying and stop with the raciest remarks

You said it ro!

Good lord, the guy makes a FEW calls in French; but MOST of his calls were in ENGLISH so does that mean in reality he was favouring HAMILTON?????????????

Yeah, honestly! What is this crap? The last time I checked, French was one of the official languages of Canada, so what's the problem with an official making a few calls in French?

Montreal was penalized for 129 yards....Ham. 125!
Where does that put your theory?