How bout them Bucs?

Off to a 2-0 start, soon to be 3-0 against the Charlie Batch led Steelers.

Josh Freeman is now 4-1 as a starter and im lovin’ the guy. He’s 6’6 255 lbs and he can move. Also has a decent weapon to work with in Mike Williams (Who was the steal of the draft).

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Eh. They beat two bad teams that are 0-2. Let me know what happens when they visit teams like Cincy, Atlanta, Baltimore...

Good analysis there Jordan but remember these are the Bucs ...anyway all the annoying "expert" pre-season hot-air analysis was nullified with also teams like the Chiefs, Texans, and Bears going 2-0.

Now the real trick, which one of these teams plus the Steelers will make the playoffs with high probability at least one of them because they are all 2-0?

Here's an excellent article on the matter:

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The Steelers have already accomplished their real goal without Roethlisberger to win two of the four games without him, and it was at the expense of Dennis Dixon.

I would expect the game locally against the Bucs to be full of the Pewter and the Blood in a defencive field position battle yet again.