How 'Bout Them Bombers

......Even if Hebert is allowed into the do you think this guy would go over in the dressing room....theres something to be said about locker-room presence.....and right now he don't look too good...we got rid of one..... Darnell McDonald.....why would we consider bringing in another disrupting factor....even though he has a lot of talent....weighin it all out....leave him where he is... :roll:

well they just signed another cb Richardson, a buddy of Walls I believe it said, good the defence is basically set, you can slide a few guys around, possibly try Hall at weak side OLB with Simpson in the middle & Woodson on the strong side.......or even drop one of your DE Walls or Canada back into cover.......lots of options, that is a good thing, I like the way things are shaping up, competition in camp should be ferocious, get back some of that attitude Berrys wants to see.......

Couldn’t agree more. But can we at least dream the the $275 ticket I have will be to watch the BB…that would be sooooooooooo sweet.

i think we have two canadians with great potential, well hopefully two. one being niel mckinlay. the guy led the team in special teams tackles so hes good in open field, thats for sure. i think we should work on him, if we do he could be a great player plus canadian, so that would open some import spots. the next is Colon. this guy grabs everything and has good speed, i think if given the chance he could get close to or possibly reach the 1000 yrd mark. it would be awsome to have a 1000 yrd canadian reciever. but i could be wrong.

I also think we should trade Flemming for a good player, i hear B.C. wants him bad and the guy has an expensive contract, so if we could get a good player out of that. thad be pretty cool, plus to fill his void we could sign jerome haywood, it seems like nobody's even looking at him so he would probably come for cheap. lets compare stats, flemming had 31 tackles and like 5 sacks i beleive. Haywood had 42 tackles and 4 sacks. i think that would be a smart move.