How 'Bout Them Bombers

Just a thread to post random stuff about the bombers that has nothing to do with grey cup champs. I figure if I don’t have an opinion on the grey cup outcome or the playoffs I can’t be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: . Hopefully mostly good stuff about the bombers is posted here. Either way it’s all about freedom of expression and free speech and all that fun stuff.

like the one I did last season, good on ya!

I think we will do well this upcoming season but we need a better QB.

....Bombers have improved this year...especially in the coaching ranks.. the return of some great talent that left for the nfl is definitely going to affect this team....ex...AJ111...Warner....I don't believe we are finished dealing yet....we seem to have an abundance of linebackers (GOOD THING)...but definitely need a safety...could be a trade in the works... :wink:

Well as long as Berry doesn't turn out to be just hype as...oh...I don't know...Jeff Reinbold shudder, I think we'll do alright, I'm not going to make my predictions untill the pre-season games are over. I'm sorry Kanga, I really really have to disagree with the whole Khari Jones thing. With the receivers we have Glenn shouldn't have much of a problem, he just needs to work on some things. I still think Chris Walby should have been the O-line coach :p.

Please take Walby as you O-line coach, so then I don't have to listen to him on CBC.

We will be a better club this papazoola said, warner n AJ will be a huge lift for the team..
It's up to the coaching staff and vets to bring the team together...
Anything is possible...we Bomber fans can't always get what we want..
But we just might get what we need...hopefully a Grey cup apperance..

as long as Marshall straightens out the defence, which I am confident he can do as we do have a real good mix of vets and young guys, the bombers will be just fine.

A grey cup appearance would be great, especially being the host city and all, though I'd be happy to just even make the first round of the playoffs and have a winning season. :mrgreen:

i'd be happy with a winning season, just so i can enjoy the season

....I'll enjoy the season...just looking at the bench...and seeing that we have some capable people running things....Berry...Marshal....Harris....There won't be any of those heart-less performances we seen out of this team last year...Judging by what Berry has said so far...I don't see any hype....He's had a good chance to evaluate the players...and some of the comments were brutally honest .....example ... hes says.'Glenn as qb. is adequate.'..I think he knows if Glenn dosen't live up to the potential....that everyone knows he has...we may need to upgrade that position...and that ain't far as the 'd' is concerned ...big improvements (signing of Simpson)....Marshal has all of the qualifications to be a head fact he was a close runner-up to got to feel good about that...bring on 06.... :arrow:

good point, having a decent coach behind the bench will make the season more enjoyable, especially since he's not calling the D :smiley:

The coaches that surround Berry, will be a huge part of the equation..
The Vets...and we have great Vets, will also aid the coaching package...
But Milt Steagle n Roberts will be the live wires, they wants it so bad..they will be the Backbone of the offense..
Go Bombers...

i see brazzel taking a bigger role this year, look how montreal spread out the ball with berry being o coordinator, AJ fits into the equation too

this going to be the most anticipated season ever!!! but i have a worry if we are going to make the playoffs il be satisfied if we make the western finals if we lose the first round of the playoffs il be pissed

i honestly don't remember much hype last season. the biggest signing was wayne magarity. man he sucked.

i think we should sign khari cheap....depending if we get Joseph if ottowa folds, i remember Khari being very..... whats the word, a good scrambler, he would avoid alot of sacks and once they put in the back up(cant remember who) i think iut was pat barnes, he got sacked after sacked after sacked. i think we should sign khari for cheap, he'd probably come for cheap because he hasnt even been on a team for a while and when he was playing he was third string.

Doug Berry led calvio to his first 6 000 yard season and i personaly think he could boost up khari. at least give him like a 75 000 offer or something to come be out third string and have him try and work his way up.

but i also believe hes gained some pounds and probly isnt very athletic right now, so we would have to whip him up into shape.

but also i have no idea why everyone bashes Kevin Glenn, he put up very good numbers last year with no QB coach, and now we have Doug Berry! i think Kevin has great potential and Berry will unleash it. and Tee is out of the question, that guy was so brutal its not even funny, Russ Michna, should be our second or third depending on getting khari. if Khari and Glenn could get into a competition i belive would have some amazing QB's. especially with coach Berry.

but Taman already said hes moved past him, we'll never sign him. but if ottowa folds we could possibly get Jason Armstead and/or kyries Hebert. Jason Armstead and AJ lll would make the best special teams unit in the CFL, plus hes a 1000 yrd reciever, and with the likes of him, AJ, Stegal and Brazell wed have an amazing recieving corps, and if we could get kyries hebert, would put the finishing touch on our line backing corps. we would have the best line backers in the CFL plus an amazing defnsive line. ha ha roberts himself wouldnt be able to run against us!! plus hebert led the league in special temas tackles and with him Niel Mckinlay and sean gallant, our special teams tacklers would be pretty amazing also.

if westwood could get his game back that would be awsome, they should send him to some camps and start working out a bit more.

also if we could get korey banks that would really help our defensive secondary. ALOT

i have another point i feel i must express. our defensive secondary isnt that bad either! remember when we had rod rust as our defensive coordnater? we held edminton to 14 points and lost by 2. then when he left we started sucking it up.

the defensive secondary and offensive line took major hits with injuries and our best players never really got to play with each other never mind get used to each other. So now with William fields omar evans, Anthony Stanford samules and brad franklin, were definitely good back there, especially with defensive guru greg marshal as our coordnator, we’ll be just fine. And all our great starters now get the chance to start together with this amazing new coaching staff. I think we’ll be great this year. But it would be amazing if we could get Jason Armstead and Kyries Hebert, possibly korey banks and kerry Joseph, him and Kevin would be a good one two combo!

This may sound selfish but I kind of hope they fold and all become free agents so our team can get amazing! 8 teams would help with the confusion, and maybe Halifax and Quebec city could come next season to make it 10, and maybe the gades and montcon could come and make it 12. Thad be sweet!!!!, but probly wont happen any time soon.

That’s a lot of talking, I just felt I had to express my thoughts on that, none of it will probly happen and if it did, we’d probly only get one of the four, but o well, that’s my fantasy,

I think realisticly we’d have a draft choice and Hamilton would probly go first cuz it’s the way life works and we tied for last in the league with them, and theyd probly grab banks, which sucks, then hopefully we’d grab armstead, and Saskatchewan would grab Joseph. Then hopefully no one would take Hebert cuz of his contract and we could take him. Anywise, im done, I went way off topic. As for khari jones, I think he’s done, and coach Berry will unlock Kevins potential and we WILL win the grey cup this year!

well maybe not realisticly, but we will have a winning season this year!

......would have been nice to have had Kyries Hebert ....but I think he's gonna have trouble getting into the country with the criminal charges he's got hanging over his for Banks.....that would be my first pick if the Rens. would be Joseph....we could have him compete for the no1. qb. job.....or trade him to the Riders for a big up-grade on D....Let's hope the Rens. can keep going and stay would be better for the league over all...but if their is a player dibursement because of their misfortune....I think the Bombers would be in pretty good shape with the players we could get from Ottawa.....especially because of the fact ...we have two of their former coaches ...who know their personell inside and out...and would be definitely pointing to whom we should pick....1...or 2.... :arrow:

they already said Hebert will be allowed to play in 2006.

ahhh, its canada, we let anybody in......:slight_smile:

even me. :wink: