How 'bout that Imoh

He was probably the only bright spot for Montreal tonight. :lol:

He had 50 yards rushing and 14 in the air. Not bad for his first regular season game.

Yea imoh was bouncing off our defense for a bit there, kudos to him because we usually don't give up too many big runs like that! But on a different note, i think it's time that Cavillo calls his own plays against cause all Bellefeille will call all night is little 7 yard outs. That's the reason for Davis' interception, i mean when he was here thats all our offense did and it gets you no where trust me! But yea maybe Belfeille will switch things up who knows but yea i think Cavillo's judgement was better than Belfeille's ever will be! Good game though guys, your defense played pretty well!

Thanks and congrats on the win. I agree, Bellefeuille is afraid the football will disintegrate if it is thrown more than 8 yards.

Cahoon was also a bright spot, he always is. It's a shame we can't clone him!

Yea shit Cahoon made some awesome catches like always, he'll always be a great player!!

True, Cahoon was another bright spot, but it's expected of him.

Still a good game. I can't believe Saskatchewan's defence.

Imoh looked like a slipper soap without a rope out there. If AC had called the WHOLE game, it would've ended differently. I think that Belfeille is too conservative to the point that it gets numbingly boring to watch an offence.

Imoh was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise atrocious game. I hope that we can use him and Edwards as a double-threat out of the backfield.

I think Chris Davis was impressive last night also.

Imoh is a very good running back, he didn't get the respect at Virginia Tech as the other great backs did like Kevin Jones, Cedric Humes, and Lee Suggs. Happy to have him in an Al's jersey.