What a great win by the Lions tonight in hostile territory! The Lion defence was AWESOME!

The Riders played well too, but the fans behind the Lions sideline were a complete embarrassment. Looked like a drunk fest at a trailer park. Do they actually serve canned beer at the Regina games?

McCallum sure kicked the Riders in the head tonight. Great game Paul.

Great game tonight boys. Put those Riders in their place tonight. Wow, the West sure is getting tight.

I just wish the Lions could move the ball better. With this many turnovers it should have been a blow out.

JJ has the legs but he still cant throw. Buck please be okay!!

I'm happy with this win.

Sure, the Lions "should've" taken advantage of turnovers, but they won the game and that's what matters. It's not easy in that stadium and they got the job done. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to produce a win.

That Rider D is impressive no doubt. Those Linebackers 46/47 are the best in the league.

...good win by the leos, keeping things tight in the appears Sask's injury woes are amounting to too much of a hill to climb...

I hate these tight games...I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest!!

That being said, what a defensive struggle tonight. Both D's played extremely well. If the Rider D hadn't played as well as they did, the Leos would have had at least 4 more TD's.

I also can't believe that PI wasn't called when Simon was grabbed in the second would have been a 1st down for us instead of a punting situation.

Me too…I have hypertension and these close ones don’t help a bit!

Could’ve gone either way…what a nail biter. Hate to see how it deteriorated, but I feel that that will simply unite the Lions even more and play in their favor.

Defensive battle goodish game to watch. Both offenses played the pits tonight. I personally like to watch more offensive games than that but for a defensive battle it was a good one.

Stupid arse fans in the east stadium making fools of all Rider fans left a bitter taste in my mouth about that whole game. I was also hoping for more out of Durrant.

I was actually pretty impressed with the Riders O-line tonight, I don't think that anyone other than Dressler can get open against a very competent BC secondary. When is Flick coming back again??????

It was one of two things...

Either a great defensive battle.


A very sloppy offensive performance by both teams.

I choose the latter, tons of dropped passes, fumbles, just sloppy play in general. Windy and miserable outside, reminded me of the way BC won games last year, with awesome special teams play and just a ball control offense that doesn't make bad decisions.

I am walking on air! Good job Lions!

I'm just glad that we don't play you guys again during the season...

The Riders were sloppier on offense than the Leos.

I was surprised though that Bishop got yanked so quickly. I think it may have turned out differently if he had stayed in.

He made bad decisions which led to 2 turnovers both in field goal range on BC's side of the field. A very stupid pass that he served up on a platter, and a botched hand off.

I can't fault Miller for pulling him, might not have been a bad idea to insert him back in later since the offense didn't click for Durant.

bishop should have went back in
live and learn

Both offenses were pretty bad tonight. The Riders were worse with those turnovers. There were some poor coaching decisions also. Dressler was impressive as always. Both these teams better pick it up if they want to have a home playoff game.

I wanted to see Durant do much better than that, I would have understood if Miller went with MB in the 2nd half again after he got a chance to see from the sidelines. It did seem that Durant did finally settle in late in the 3rd but when dressler is the only one that can get open it makes it hard.

Durant looked terrible, Pierce didn't look much better. Lions were the grittier team tonight and their DB's were ball-hawks. Look at the value of Cam Wake, being triple-teamed and still causing fits on the Riders O-Line.

Great win by BC! Keep on rollin...

Two turnovers by Bishop and he gets yanked. Six by Durant & Co, and Durant stays in...something wrong there, IMO.

Durant only had 1 turnover that I can remember which was a pick on the last play of the 1st half on a hail mary throw. Can't really blame him for that he was just tossing it up there as the play required hoping for a receiver to make a play. Only Barron Miles is probably a better receiver than the whole of the Riders starters at the moment excluding Dressler.