how bout a win

do you think this ineptetude at home is going to stop we need to score. i'm a little upset at some of the play calls,in the red zone kicking field goals when down is ok but we have trouble getting the ball there so when there we should take advantage maybe even steal momentum would've been a better choice to go for it last week when the score was 12-2,if missed they would be pinned deep,if we score back in the game, cause we sure as hell didn't do anything from then on.
we need to win tonight oskee wee wee

actually, i think it was the right call at the time. looking at the final score, it may not seem like it.

only being down 10 pts at the time, you have to get points when you can. especially when you consider the ineffectivenes of the offence.

true but we are, i don't want to say shit but we need to take some of those chances to build the confidence of the offence pulling them off to kick may show lack of, probably doen't but you can win on feild goals when the other team scores tds.

some spelling errors should say can'twin on feild goals

and spelled field wrong not even drunk yet!lol

i agree with you on every point, but i still think it was the right call at the right time.

remember we are only down 10. probably what taafe was thinking is let's get some points and lets see if the defence can keep us in the game long enough for the offence to get going. the offence got us 3 pts, lets see if they can punch it in for a td next time. that early in the game, you never want to take points off the board. scoring any points should give the offence a lift.

hope we get in the end zone tonight we need to use holmes more as well he could change the game quickly.

should see more of lumsden and holmes if the weather turns bad. ball control will be the key if the rain starts to fall.

for sure run with lummer dump it holmes you
going tonight?cheers be there to oskee!

no not going tonight still trying to save for a vacation this summer. if i went to a game, i would never hear the end of it.

will be watching on tv and will be there in spirit though.