How Boring is the Super Bowl?

I just want to be the first one to post it. I really don't buy it, but I want to hear how bad the NFL is.

No Fun League.

smaller field, extra down, way bigger budget.NFL has better players too, but only cuz they are rich.

All in all, I like the CFL better.

I take it you're not watching the game? While it's been sloppy, and filled with turnovers, it's not lacking excitement. Opening kick returned for a touchdown, long pass completion for a touchdown, long run to set up a touchdown. Solid game, so far.

That opening kickoff return would have been called back in the CFL for an illegal block IMO. One of the Bears blockers pushed a Colt from the side and back of his shoulder. Hope the CFL wakes up and goes back to the pre 2006 rules. We don't pay good money to watch officials call every kick return back.

I haven't been watching this one, but I know I've seen more than a few recently that have been somewhat lacking, to say the least. The only ones that stand out in my mind were the Tennesee-St Louis (one yard short), and New England winning by a field goal (but I can't even tell you which one in particular). I didn't think last year's was all that great ... but I don't really remember, either!

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Other than the first play of the game, this was a dog of a game!!! I can’t wait for real football to start!!!

the first half was good.. the 2nd half was a comeplete stalemate. waiting for june to come :wink:

Lots of turnovers and errors with the wet conditions. But not a bad game, at least it wasn't a blowout and kept my interest for most of it.

If this was the Grey Cup, the anti-CFL = pro-NFL media, would be all over this game calling it what it was a boring piece of crap!!!But, because it was the almighty "Super Bore", we'll "Blame it on the rain" :thdn: .
That same media was not too kind about the Grey Cup, eventhough it was played in freezing tempetures. No, they criticized everything about it. I will fall off my chair if you see one negative article about this snooze-fest in the media. I can't wait until real football starts in July. :wink:


One of the highlights..."long pass completion for a touchdown"..???
It was an example of some really LOUSY coverage by the defense.

A snoozer, by any standard.

it was better then the game BC vs Hamilton in Rain this year..

2006 Grey Cup final score: 25-14
2007 Stupor Bowl final score: 29-17

Many people here said Grey Cup was boring...

Yet the GC had only 3 turnovers,
SB had 8.

Paul McCallum had a record tying 6 FG's,
Easy chip shot was missed in SB.

Scores of both games very similar.

And....according to many morning after polls around the u.s., 77% of people thought the commercials were terrible.

nfl better??? I think not!!

I thought the rain made the game interesting, beats an indoor game.

The was what it was! You knew it was impossible for the Bears to come back with Wrecks Grossman back there. The first half was good, but the second half i felt the game was in hand.

Ads I' am never impressed with that, or the halftime show. Not a big Prince fan but at least it wasn't a recording. The Ads they tried to make them funny and you had no clue what they were advertising. I love the Super Bowl and the Grey Cup, but the Super bowl is way overdone. I know over 10 people that went down there just to party and enjoy the event with no tickets. Super Bowl in the US is the most important day. People that don't even have a clue about football watch it. Advertisers spend millions to get there product out.

I saw the adds on Google. Some were bad, but most were funny and entertaining, especially the Bud Light Commercials.

I wish the CRTC didn't allow cable companies to over ride the ads.

The ratings show that the SB ratings were up in the States but down substantially in Canada, interesting.

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4.3 million to 3.4 and they call it a dip????? That looks like a 20% DROP to me! Where is all the negative criticism from the media?? If the Grey Cup had the same drop, it would be front-page news. The sound of silence is deafening felllas!!! :wink:

For sure rcon. Paul Godfrey probably told them to write 'dip' as he's used to hearing the word 'dipshyte' a lot. 8)

I sure liked Prince's halftime, He just played the hits and got off. Great job.
As for the game, the Bears are not prepared and they made no adjustment to increase the pressure on Manning. We've seen the Colts do this to every team during the playoffs, great credit to their offensive line opening holes for the backs and using the short game to control the clock. Don't like'em, never have but they're the best team today!

I was not impressed with that game at all. They call the GC boring? Well that game on Sunday made me go outside and prep my bike for the spring instead of watching it. 6 turnovers in the first quarter? What a bloody mess that was. The Leos/Eskie game in the summer where it was pissing rain was more entertaining than the super bowl. :roll:

Agree it wasn't anywhere near "a game for the ages" but I'm sure the Colts will take it, and that's what it's about in the long run, winning, any way you can.