How Big Was the Grey Cup Parade Crowd?

The only quote I have seen is "tens of thousands"
Also I have read that the crowd was bigger then in 2002.
I remember published reports that put the crowd in 2002 at well over 200K.
I find it strange that if infact there was over 200K in the streets of Montreal that our press would not publish that and be proud.....
Instead the standard CP article mentioned how people actually wished it was the Canadiens that won the Cup and how much more popular hockey was in Montreal then football
This was a standard Canadian Press article that was published by almost everyone......
If the Parade was the largest parade ever thrown in North America... our press would still find somehow to trash it because it envolved the CFL.... I really hate this country some times......

Don't hate the country friend, put the loathing where it is deserved — squarely on the shoulders of shoddy reporting.

I'm not really sure how accurate head-counts are of any big event. After all, it can never really be more than somebody's best guess, and some people are probably better guessers than others.

250,000 - 300,000

cbc had a reporter at the parade, who guessed 'well over 100,000 people'.

it was fantastic.. The Rider Fans took over the parade!:slight_smile:

Great on Montreal, but didn’t hear much about it? I remember hearing a lot about Pittsburgh’s parade?? The media really downplayed the record Grey Cup TV ratings also, considering it was the No.1 show in Canada for 2009, including all the American shows. You would think the 14 million Canadians who watched the game was newsworthy? In most of central Canada’s media, it barely rated a “note” or also-ran mention.

I know CTV took out full page ads across Canada boasting “The NFL is Canada’s most popular football league!” when the Super Bowl ratings (English) exceeded the Grey Cups’ ratings a couple of season’s back. :roll:

It didn't seem played down to me. I saw an article about the ratings on TSN, plus I saw it on CP24 (Toronto news station).

In the 2002 Grey cup they were 200,000. In 2009 it was much, much more. Some even said 350,000. You can't go wrong with an estimated crowd size of 250,000 to 300,000 because the numbers came from a network (LCN) that had an helicopter.

I would love to see some ariel photos of the crowd... does anyone have any?

i was there and i would say around 100,000 would be close. the funny thing is some of them were just suits going for lunch and wondering what was going on.

i heard two guys say something close to this:

guy 1: what is going on? is bonhomme here?
guy 2: no, it's too early for him. i think it is something with the habs.
guy 1: c'est cool. go habs go!

So we've had guesses of 300,000 and 100,000. That makes the real size probably around 200,000.

I saw the parade on TV and people were backed up at least ten deep on both sides of the street. It was packed and I also later heard the estimate of 300,000.
Meanwhile, here in the stupid city of Toronto the lies about various parades is how the size is always 1M+ strong.

In 2002 the montreal police took pictures and compted de crowd 202,000 exactly. In 2009 it was much more, the parade was longer and the new Place des Festivals is very big. 250,000 its a vary concervative number.