How Big of an A-h&%e is Sandro DeAngelis?

What did this guy do to get blackballed by the CFL?

Ignoring his stats in Calgary, he still is over 75%. That would put him in the mid range of CFL kickers this last season.
Renea Paredis had a season worse than any of DeAngelis's and yet he still has a job.
I always heard that DeAngelis was a bit of a cancer in the locker room however.
Does anyone know of specific reasons why DeAngelis is on the outside looking in. He is only 33, so age is not a factor.

I know he stunk it up royal in Hamilton, like I seem to recall him missing a 28 yard field goal and cost Hamilton several games. He got tarred and feathered out of town after that and never got the same consideration as after that season in Hamilton. He regressed into a merely adequate kicker, and his stats tell the tale, going from 85% range to 77%. I'd say a good kicker consistently nets at least an 80%

That and the fact that he couldn't punt worth a stick, sure being a non-import kicker is big, but when you are a one trick pony you NEED to do that trick really well, all the time. It's why Chris Milo still has a job. He's still a consistent 40+ yard punter even if his place kicking is inconsistent.

He was the most accurate kicker in CFL history when he left Calgary.. On bad season in Hamilton could not of done him in if he did not have attitude issues... He only missed 5 field goals for Winnipeg his last season, so I still see it strange that he can not find work.

He was brutal in his return to the CFL. Before that he was great. Still remember eating breakfast next to him (at the next table) the morning after the 09' Grey Cup and he was sitting and talking to his agent about his NFL possibilities. Wow, has he ever fallen from that point.

Sandro DeAngelis absolutely SUCKED when he was with the Cats. I thought it then and I was as usual proven right when I said at the time that signing this guy would be an absolute joke. This guy had more excuses for screwing up than Carter had pills !!!
The wind was swirling…The hold was bad…The center farted…a fly landed on the ball…my shoelace was untied…my balls were itchy…I had to sneeze…blah ! blah ! blah ! blah ! etc etc. This guy was so full of himself and so arrogant that it made me laugh,it seemed like nothing was his fault. Hell he even had the gall to say that he thought he had a pretty good season here :roll: Seriously ??? His lousy kicking and excuses cost the Cats at least 2 or 3 regular season games,not to mention the playoff game against the Argos where we lost by 3 points and he missed a chip shot 17 yarder that would’ve tied the game at 16-16.
I personally would’ve been quite happy if he would’ve stayed in Calgary or signed somewhere else and never came to Hamilton in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong,DeAngelis is a great kicker :roll: Don’t believe me ? just ask him yourself,he’ll tell you just how great he thinks he is :roll: A true legend in his own mind…Good riddance to him and good luck to anyone who signs this prima donna to another contract cause believe me you’ll need it with this clown on your team. Here are a few links to just how much of a pompous ass and self centred type of guy he is,read them and judge for yourselves.

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