How big of a mistake...

Was it for hamilton to sign Printers for all that money? What a bust! And he is the highest paid player in the leauge? What a joke? He is unlikely to be their starting QB next season. What are they gonna do with him? No one would trade for him. Not even Edmonton.

Hamilton signed him to a contract with a huge bonus. His yearly salary is not much bigger than any other QB's. Give him the offseason to get healthy and learn the playbook and the Cats should be fine.

Somewhat premature. I take it that you haven't examined the supporting cast here or the play calls... let alone the injuries.

I don't particularly like him but the jury is still deliberating on this one.

Oddly, Williams appears better than Printers at this time. Still too early to judge Printers. He should perform better in 2008. Understandable that Hamilton fans may be impatient after Maas situation. Former BC quarterbacks seem to play worse after leaving BC? Perhaps, lack of supporting personnel in new teams?

Printers has to be given a reasonable shot. Considering he's only been there a few weeks, and hasn't had a chance to get into any sort of rythm, and that he doesn't know the playbook as well as he can, and that he hasn't played for nigh on 2 years, he did not too badly.

If, OTOH, he doesn't pick it up a few notches next year, then he can be called a bust.

I agree. He doesn't exactly have the best receivers or OL in the league.

Supporting cast is one thing. The other is that Wally's offensive scheme is very QB friendly. Almost any QB can go in and look decent. Jackson is okay but I wouldn't say he's any better than Williams. Just a better scheme and better supporting cast.

Give him next year to see what happens. While I'm NOT a big fan of Printers (Attitude in BC) Hamilton needs to get a better supporting cast around him. Once Lumsden recovers from his injury, the threat of a running game should allow Printers more options. Upgrade the receivers and Offensive line and Hamilton should be okay.

Patience Ti-Cat fans, patience!

It was worth the gamble for the Cats, they needed QB help...and it's only money.

If Printers would of played more like the 2004 version of him in BC, rather than the 2005 version, it would of been money well spent. But Casey seemed only a caricature,or shadow of his former self, after sitting out last season in the NFL and being injured much of 2005.

He was obviously not 100% when he came back, but what is more perplexing is that he gets injured in almost every game. There were times in BC where he pulled himself out of games due the pain from a myriad of injuries.

Besides great coaching, another element of his success in BC was his surehanded receiving corp with G. Simon, J. Clermont, R. Thelwell, P. Jackson, ect, which could make any QB look good.

Not to knock Casey, he is a great talent and will play for many years in the CFL. He just has to get his head on straight and heal up from his injuries...and realize this is a team game and he is only one spoke in the wheel.

wow, smileyj. I'm glad you're not a headcoach!

cause you'd give your QB 1 chance and if he failed in the game, even though it's his first game and knows very little, you wouldn't be much of a coach!!

Thing is Richie Williams looks WAY better afetr several times seeing both of them. And he doesn't make $500,000 a year! And doesn't have attitude problems.

Printers comes in half way through and has had injuries. But we see he can throw the ball deep and has a good arm.
Mark my words, Printers will be a great qb again in this league with a full camp under his belt and then knowing his receivers more. And hopefully not many injuries. He was just trying to do much himself not knowing the playbook that well coming in through the season and not knowing his teammates. Cats are in the playoffs next year, mark my words!!

Yeah...that Doug Flutie guy was a real bust. :roll:

Maybe Wally is the issue and not BC. Hard to argue that where Wally’s been they have produced QB’s


Casey a bust. I'd blame his agent for building him up too much in BC. He had a super team and an offensive that allowed him to improvise. He is like the rookie qb in the movie 'any given Sunday' who comes in scrambles around and improvises but it eventually catches up with him because he is all about himself not the team. Printers started to believe his press clippings too much fanned by his agent. Now, reality sets in, he is a good athlete who has to learn the qb position, learn to read defences and not just rely on his feet to take off. Sound familiar - we have seen this with so many quarterbacks who come into our league. Damon Allen, Tracey Hamm, etc. etc. Look at Kevin Glenn - how many years until he started to improve and understand how to use the field and read defences. Casey is still a question mark with potential. Whether he pans out we will wait and see.


perhaps cuz williams was in that system all year and printers came in at the end.

put printers on any other team, and he dominates.

put anyone with the ticats, and they fail.

You are right turkey, Casey's agent has been his biggest "Negative". Constant bad advice.

Richie Williams underwhelmed in his only start, so im not sure what people are getting all this from. His only win of the year came in relief against an awful Calgary defense.

Printers isn't a bust yet.

Printer's isn't a bust (yet), but Richie Williams has looked very good when he has played, including a solid outing as a starter.
I think he looked better in his first start than guys like JJ, Lefors, etc. in their first games.

Other people realize the observation applies to Buono's BC quarterbacks and not everyone in BC history. Flutie isn't the only ex-BC QB to win grey cup and outstanding player award. Others include McManus, Allen and Dunnigan.