How big a crowd is expected in Edmonton tonight?

35k? 38k? 40k?

I'm actually a little surprised Winnipeg's and Calgary's weren't higher than what they were the other nights.

Dunno about expectations, but I don't see why 40k can't show up, unless weather interferes.

That would be awesome.

i was dissaointed in the Stamps croud the other day as well. day off. time was good. maybe just cause it was toronto.

I didn't think there would be any games under 30,000 this year in Calgary. Perhaps it was the fact the Argos were in town. I'm hoping 40,000+ come out in Edmonton tonight.

It is spitting outside right now and very cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers tonight with a risk of thundershowers. This will most likely affect attendance.

Can't believe I'll be taking a jacket (and maybe more) to a game in early July.

Oh wait, yes I can, I've lived in Edmonton almost 20 years now......lord I hate the weather here!

Anything less than a sell out in week 1 is just sad.

Uh, this isn't McGill stadium we're talking about.

I predict over 45,000... :cowboy:

I'm sure a decent crowd will show up. It's the first game of the season, it's not on a Thursdays ( :lol: ), and it's a divisional game.

I will predict attendance at 32,439. :smiley:

I find it weird that Winnipeg and Edmonton drew more for a preseason than a regular and that Calgary only drew 300 more than a preseason.

Average Attendance for week 1: 29,754.

Hopefully the Peg and BC post sellouts in week 2, Hamilton comes close to 25K and Edmonton improves upon Sunday.

bc game vs sask is already sold out 27,500 singles only,

as for the Edmonton game , the rain kept a lot of people away, and the signing of the new edmonton oilier first round pick took all the headlines in the paper.