How bias is Rod Black?

Has anyone else noticed how when he does argo games his voice tends raise a little bit higher on Argo plays and goes a little bit lower on other teams plays? TOCUHDOWN ARGOS! FIRST DOWN KERRY JOSEPH! Michael Bishop throws a touchdown to Terrence Edwards. I was just waiting for him scream his head off if they made the field goal. ARGOS WIN! ARGOS WIN! ARGOS WIN! Did you also notice how quiet he was when they missed?


I thought on tv Rod Black had said before he was from Winnipeg. Checked it out on wikipedia. He is from Winnipeg. Don't think that would maked him biased for the Argos.

Well im from Red Deer Alberta and im a Rider fan, so i'd be bias for the green and white

...he is from the Peg.....but we disowned of the lousiest announcers on tsn.....I know he does A LOT of charity work and appreciate him for that...but doing football....sorry...I'd rather have Chris Walby doing the play-by-play....ouch... :lol:

Rod Black 101:
"So many subplots"
"He celebrated a birthday this week"
Figure skating

This guy needs to go. He's the worst by far.

i agree Rod Black is the worst but who would TSN put in. I didn't mind when Gord Miller did the 2 broadcasts this year

Hey that's just mean! :lol:

I’m just throwing this idea out there. But how about the radio broadcast team of the home team?

That wouldn't work, you'd just end up getting a ridiculously biased play by play and colour for the home team and everyone would complain. I do think Gord Miller did a good job, but he's probably not available once hockey starts.

lol gord miller isnt god

tsn owns gord miller

not the other way around

rod black is from winnipeg


ROD BLACK lives and makes his money in TORONTO

Toronto, the same place where the network he works for calls home

HMMMM… IS it rod black or is it maybe TSN IN GENERAL cuz in Hockey… its all about the leafs on TSN and blue jays on tsn in baseball, tsn is normally bias towards the argos… whoever they play but ROD BLACK seems to hold a grudge against winnipeg and generally cheers louder for the other team.

I think TSN holds NHL hockey in higher regard than CFL football still, at least the telecasts with Canadian teams involved, so I can't see them keeping Gord Miller from doing play by play for hockey. I guarantee you won't see Rod Black do an NHL game on TSN.

Rod Black is bias?

I thought he was only in to girls!

Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Ohhh, bi-AS!

Yeah, he just seems uninformed so he spouts whatever he reads in the paper that day. I think they team him with Duane Ford so that Duane can cancel out some of Rod's stupidity.

But, to each his/her own.

Oskee Wee Wee!

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I haven't noticed any bias. He's enthusiastic regardless of team and he's paid to sell the game (esp. to a market that's believed to be among the weakest in support)

The only thing I've noticed is how bad he is, but no bias- I'm not even sure he knows what the word means... :lol:

Nothing's wrong with Rod Black fella

Seem's Rod has a friend in his corner, I think they read these

I think that Dowbiggin guy has a bit of a man-crush.

...says the Argo fan.
A person can't notice that a broadcaster is biased towards their team, because when Rod Black is wetting himself because the Argos have scored a touchdown, you're excited about it too. So you can't detect the change in his voice the way a fan of another team can.

I used to think he hated Hamilton, but it's simply a bias towards Toronto. He doesn't hate Winnipeg, either, but the last two weeks the Bombers played Toronto, whom he loves, so it may appear that he does.

I remember a couple of years ago, the first game of the season was between Toronto and Saskatchewan. The Argos won, and he started talking about how Toronto was clearly going to be one of the dominant teams that season. You can't get any more biased than that.

What do you expect? Really?


Thats what we call it out here in BC, anyway.

"Black is famously the face and voice of CTV/TSN. He’s worked like a rented mule much of the time (this past week he had two CFL games in two days)."

Probably not the best example considering the games were in Hamilton and Toronto.

And it's not just his lack of football knowledge that annoys me. It's his vocabulary, as well. A little while ago when he was calling a Stamps game, instead of saying a flag was thrown, he said there were a couple pieces of nylon on the field. Seriously? In that same game he said something dumb like, "Everything is going to way of the white stallion." Just say Calgary, or Stampeders, or Stamps.

I can't stand how he has to dress everything up. He's calling sports. He's not narrating the Great Canadian Novel! :roll:

That's wild. Are you saying that I only watch games where the Argos are involved? Damn those seasons' tickets to the Lions. The fact of the matter is that I'm more interested in the play than the call.

I haven't noticed any bias either, on the part of Black or TSN in general, but then again I don't pay attention to every...single...word the announcers say either. If I had to grade TSN I'd give 'em an A over all for coverage.

There is also such a thing as reverse bias, so that every time the hated Argos are mentioned by Black it's perceived as boosterism by some. Not saying this is the case, just saying.