How BC Gave the Game Away to Edmonton

Clearly, BC made enough second half mistakes, yet again, that would have resulted in enough points to steal a road win from a superior team in Edmonton. . To paraphrase Shakespeare: How did they screw up, let me count the ways.

Mistakes killed us, have all year. We bobble the snap snap at the one and get nothing, after the Eskimos gave us a gift pass interference on the one yard line. Richie Leone, who seems to have lost his most of his confidence and accuracy, missed yet another convert and a field goal. That is eleven points that should have gone on the board. If he doesn't get better quickly he'll get the apple-and-a-road map treatment. We could have brought back Dean Whyte after Montreal cut him; by the way, he was 100% last Saturday against us in Edmonton. (Note to Wally; You didn't just become stupid in your sixties, but you definitely have become stubborn and unwilling to step in at times. You're a tremendous leader: how about showing it more often instead of letting your players and coaches take all the grief for personnel decisions you made?

OFFENSIVE Our five offensive linemen were a sieve on run plays. No other way to describe it. We were out-rushed by about six to one. Our QB rushed a couple times and somehow out-produced the league-leading feature back, who managed a pathetic two yards on six carries! Harris needs help from his hoggies and the coaches need to find ways to get him out in space where he makes most of his best gains. Our five linemen have struggled to either run block or pass protect all frapping year. I thought the receivers had a pretty good night. Arcenault, Burnham, Hawkins and Gore were solid, but Gore dropped another easy one. As usual Collie can't go up and outfight a DB on a long pass play. Clearly, job one in the offseason is putting the fat guys on diets to speed up their footwork, or finding suitable replacements for Foster, Fabien, T Dre Player. I give the tackles an especially Cody Husband decent marks and welcome Cody back to the starter's role at right guard.. Tough to replace a leaky offensive line in one offseason but we have to have an offensive line that can consistently get the backs downfield and pass protect most of the time. I mean, how basic is that? Finally, we have a healthy Lulay. So why not come up with a package for Travis, to let Jennings see what they're doing foe a couple series and give the opposition a change of pace at QB.

QUARTERBACKS.While showing good signs, Jennings has to avoid interceptions, figure out the coordination issues between he and his running back and learn to make better pre-snap reads. Ricky Ray is rotting away as a non-playing backup in Toronto; maybe it might be a good idea next year to bring him in as a QB coach next season and send that loser Khari Jones down the road. McGee had nothing to do but take snaps and dive forward all night.On the one time when we need him to execute at a high level he bobbled the snap, a mistake that ultimately cost us the game.

DEFENSE Overall a pretty solid job again. But how many damn times do you have to see Reilly run out of the pocket and straight downfield before somebody besides a lineman spies him? If we're only going to rush three guys, couldn' someone sit in the middle and be ready to him him within five years of the line of scrimmage?

SPECIAL TEAMS Rickie Leone has got to find it in a hurry. Next year they should find a pure place kicker and have Leone do punts and kickoffs. Rainie looked dangerous all nights, had couple decent returns and got in on the offense a bit. He made one mistake, failing to come up and catch a punt that bounced into our end zone, costing us a single point. Add that to the pile of mistakes that must be corrected if we have any chance at all of making any kind of impact in the post season.

Coaching. No point in calling that inside run when you know our hogs can't beat any other team's defence at the point of attack, except maybe the Riders. Special teams coach Chuck McMann better get his kicker a psychiatrist or find another place kicking guru. Don Sweet must be tearing his hair out, if he has any left.

It doesn't get any easier with Hamilton, who play a tough, physical defense, have multiple weapons, a solid offensive line and the best kick returner in the league coming to town this week.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: