Anyone know?

I don't think he is hurt, I think they wanted to take a look at Stala's foot, and he'll make a great addition to the team on the offence and as Nick's back up.


8) No, Dave Stala came in to do the kicking because Setta was injured in the first half !!
  The injury has been confirmed by the the TiCats according to Drew Edwards in this mornings Spec.

He is not badly hurt. They said so in the Spec this morning.

He got a knee in the back on the snap that went flying over his head.
I didn't see him on the sidelines at the start of the second half but I did see him later in the 4th quarter.
No reason to take any chances in a preseason game, especially when it gives Stala a chance to get some work.

Setta is done. He's hurt. Bad. So is Kenton Keith. His knee is done. Cats are gonna get spanked by the Argos on Canada Day. Another 3 win season for the Cats this year.

Birdman, take a hike before I rattle your cage.


Geez...wasn't that the issue last year??? A knee to the back?