How Badly does CFL need its Own Channel?


The CFL needs something for it's fans to do in the offseason!

I don't care if Schultzy and Dunnigan film a daily show out of their basement. All I am saying is give me something to watch.

I just watched Superbowl XXX on NFL Network. Before that I was watching the path to the draft.

The CFL really needs something that lets its fans enjoy the CFL in the offseason.

This Webpage (as much time as I spend on it) is not enough to keep me entertained or at least the kind of entertained I am hoping for.

Well . . . It is settled!

Overwhelming support for The CFL Channel!

So far 100% of voter(s) have been in favour of the CFL Channel.

They can't lose and the above is the proof.

How Badly does CFL need its Own Channel?

Not badly enough to get one.

If you're that bored then get a hobby... :expressionless:

Things have taken a dramatic turn.

Why would we need a committed channel when we can get our info and laughs right here?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree, don't be a couch potato! :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And most of us on here should be committed! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

there needs to be more teams to cover before you can have a channel, get 10-14 and then maybe.

There is Roomer that CFL Games will Broadcast on NFL Network This year.

I love to us have own Station but we need Expansion to 4 more Cities to make it work IMO

we need Ottawa, QC, Halifax, London, and 2 more teams for their to be a CFL network. I would love it, but maybe in a decade.

it used to have a CFN..

but I dunno. they do need to have a primetime CFL show...

I think as we stand now it would be a bad channel that simply loses money for the CFL. We need a bigger league to have a dedicated channel. The NHL network is a bad channel and they have 30 teams.

Or a job....

That would also work... :lol:

There is a CFL channel on Joost, but it doesn't show complete games.

CFN was not actually a channel, but a network of independent channels across the country that aired CFL games. It was a means of covering all or most games after CTV bowed out.

When there were no games going on, the channels just continued to air their regular programming.

I say no for the following reason:

Cable companies will require that we pay extra for it.

The CFL would begin airing games on CFL-TV or whatever it ends up being called.

So to watch all the games, I would have to pay for this new channel (plus any other crappy channels my cable company bundles in with it.)

And seven months out of the year, they would run things like profiles of players, old Grey Cup games, and those player contests they had a few years ago. The problem is, there aren't enough of these programs to fill seven months of programming, so they would have to run the same ones over and over again.

And I don't want to pay extra on my cable bill for a show that airs over and over again.


The problem, if you will, with channels like these, whatever the sport, is that the audience is so limited as even most sports fans really just want the live thing. Sure, a certain small percentage will watch such channels a lot but only a very small percentage I think. Even the NFL Network, and the NFL has a huge number of fans of course, has problems getting enough viewers. Sport generally is a live thing. Even the Grey Cup, my favourite sporting event, I only watch a bit of the pre-game stuff the day of, I can only take so many replays of this game or that game in the past and highlights of this player, that player. Give me the darn game please! That's the nature of live sports, except for a small percentage, IMHO.

Not a channel, but at least a minimum 30 minute show on TSN in prime time...something like the CFL Snap (on Shaw 54 in the Lower Mainland), but on a regular basis at the same timeslot so you can actually put aside time to watch it.