how bad will ottawa kill hamilton????

its a foregone conclusion hamiltion will not win all year....unless they steal one from winnipeg ( whos almost equally bad ) bad will they get beat this week????

im sayin by 14 points...anyone else?

I don't think anything is a foregone conclusion at this point. I picked Ottawa this week, based solely on past performances, but I don't count Hamilton out. They're improving, at least somewhat, and I do believe that past games this season have shown us, with great clarity, that anything can and will happen in the CFL. I pick Ottawa, but by less than a touchdown.

Hamilton will be winning actually.


36-12 for our boys.

Our D has proven it's one of the tops and their new QB still won't have his footing. Look for Joseph to take it and run and also look for the shot passing game to Ranek to give HamTown to have fits.

Ham needs this win so bad that they will loose it. It's gonna be a 2 and out all night for Ham's O.

This game scares me but not that much. Ottawa can grab the Ticats by the gonads in game 1 of 3. If they take this series it will be the 1st time we make the playoffs as the Gades... Nice!

I like your post... I'm in Quebec City and just logged in listening to the Team over the net...

Ti-cats turned over the ball on Ottawa's 40, Jason just ran that 69 yarder and the Ti-Cats just got the major...

Ottawa sounds like their normal 2nd half of football. Lets hope that the ti-cats have scored their only major of the game,,, I wish I was there.

all the ti-cats fans were givong me and my GF dirty looks, as we were the only ones cheering the GADES!!!!!!!!