how bad will ottawa beat the riders this week?

its obvious ottawa will win....( they got momentum, and have beaten quality opponents, and thier Defence always keeps them in the game, then Offence EXPLODES in the 2nd half )

sask. has lost 3 in a row, and the only reason they even have 3 wins is cause they came against hamilton and winnipeg.

last three sask. games they've allowed:
44 to calgary
21 to ottawa ( Gades got the win )
42 to montreal.

clearly sask. has issues and they won't be solved until they next play winnipeg or hamilton.

so i say ottawa by ATLEAST 14....because the riders love giving away turnovers.

what do u guys think? more or less than 14?

Ottawa 31 Sask 17

Gades kick thier sorry butt all over the field.

Ottawa 37 Riders 12