How bad was This Season

I spent some time cruching some numbers..

Total Points

265 Hamilton
492 Rest of CFL..

Biggest Lost 51 Points To The Riders..
Smalls Lost Thu Jun 29 HAM 22 at CAL 23

What a Nightmare Season..

it was simply sad !!!

It was so bad I can't even bring myself to complain about the eight dollar beers anymore.

Lift your cap, brush your hair, pull the shoulder on your shirt back up to your neck and cross your arms one last time and say, "Don't ask me, I've only taken the team for another ride since the end of the 05 season."

Lets put on our Happy hats and remember 2001 when we went 11 & 7.


Yeah…right! My memory is so piss poor I’m lucky if I can remember what I had for dinner last night…let alone the 2001 season.

The bright side of that though, in a year or so THIS season will have been forgotten by me.

Lets get over it, quickly and as silently as possible.

We got oversold on buying TB's (Holmes, Davis, Ranek, Lumsden) and remain with an embarassment of riches at this point.

We "forgot" the OLine, which was suspect from Day One.

Oversold on Marshall, PaoPao and Lancaster (none had ever done a hurry up rebuild job on a team)

Katz may have been a weak point, but if so, he was amply assisted down the road to Hell with Lancaster and Marshall. The chemistry between Lancaster and Desjardins is near zero, and so I regret we need to buy a big cake, call all the guys back, and say "good bye" to Ron. Like "History Channel" says, "Its About Time"...nuff said!

Picking a new HC will be compunded with picking an OC that is somewhere near the same thoughts. Eakin is gone, and the priority seems to be getting another reliable QB signed quickly, before the Argo's swipe Maas from us and leave us euchered for yet another year.

I'm "je ne sais quois" on the Defence. They've never had a "fair" chance with an underperforming Offense. We need bigger linebackers, remembering to make them "fast". We need an interior DLineman that can plug the middle. We need a safety better than Wayne Shaw. Lots of these "needs" dissolve into "wants" if we can get an Offense that grabs the bulk of the minutes of a game clock, so I can get less excited about "D" worries..exceptbthat Cheatwood and Cotton are getting older, and we need them to train a replacement, as if Collier goes down we have some issues!

We have a LOT of really great guys on this team. Lets retain a lot of them.

Lets get some coaching! And make the "hard" decisions on players, as well...because next year we could grow enormously!

This will be a team to be reckoned with in 2007, and hopefully we will get a better schedule!

Best Regards to All!


In my best Rodney Dangerfield, "How bad was this season? It was so bad they had to end it a week early..."

More # Crunching
On Avg take Total Points 492 Scored
avarge it out per game 18 Games..

CFL 27.33
Hamilton 14.72

12.61 Where out Score by..

Means we lost most Games by 2 TD.. with out Extra Point.

Having documented how bad 2006 was, why are so many Cats fans so sorry to see guys like Eakins and Peterson go? This team needs a major upgrade in talent across the board as well as a major change in attitude. The guys who are leaving or are being dumped are the same guys who brought you the 3-15 season--even worse than the 4-14 season a year before. If these guys return for 2007, maybe you can hope for a 5-13 season if everything falls their way. Whoop de doodly do!!

You need guys who can help the team do a 180, move forward and move on.

An Argo fan

The cats were 5-13 last year?

I gotta say the Defence was on the field a lot this season, and I think they did a good job.

Offence.....just like when Danny was here. No one is catching the football. How can Terry Vaughn not have a 1000 yard reception like he does every year??
They are all talented players, I think that maybe certain management and coaching staff had a hand in this (ahem...Offensive Coach...), but coulda, woulda, shoulda. Time to start rebuilding a strong offence for next season!!

This season was so bad that it got to the point where we went to each game just hoping and hoping they didn't get terribly humiliated with the score - knowing that hoping for a win was rediculous. We also went there with a list of activities planned for the second half of the game - for when we left - fun things to do in Hamilton... since we're not from Hamilton. Honestly, we prefer to watch GOOD FOOTBALL. And we did see some... just not from our team. It was sad. It really was sad.

Thankfully a few key players that I've mentioned in other posts have convinced us to come back next year. Of course, we'll have to wait and see IF they're actually going to be there... and IF it looks like Management convinces us they know what they're doing. As of right now, things look impressive.