How bad was it?

I went to bed with 12 mins left in the 2nd quarter because I couldn't bare to stay up late just to see the 'Cats get pounded yet again.


How ugly was it?!?

Anything especially bad happen?

You did better than me. I waited until the half before I shut 'er down. :cry:

I Smell year Trash old the was better ..then we played..
That how bad it was,.. :lol:

I made it to the end and listened to the 5th qtr...................should've went to a movie and gone to bed at a descent time.

hey all , finish the sentence

it was so bad : that the cats make the argos look good,

or it was so bad: that porter had lost more yards,
than kenten gained.

I can honestly say that I have never seen a Ti-Cat offensive line play this horrible since I became a fan in 1950.
10 sacks is unacceptable.
No pressure from D-line what so every.

What a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so bad that Cameron Wake now has as many Sacks as the entire Ticat's defense

It was so bad that Ticats defender were going down by tackling Geroy Simon

It was so Bad that Zack Champion didn't need to use his RB's.

it was so bad ; that buck pierce cut the lawn during the game.

it was so bad that ;that the fans turned the channel to the soap opras, cause there was more action.

it was so bad, that the ticat fans didnt need sleeping pills to go to sleep.

it was so bad ... The BC Press is Calling us Pussy Cats.
'It was so bad .. My Mom who Hates Football Said We Suck.

I agree that the O-line was terrible, but the defensive front 7 was less horrible than usual re: pressure.

We got more pressure and hits on Pierce than we have on most quarterbacks this year, even if it didn't translate into many sacks. Of course, the schemes we used to try and get that pressure might also be part of the reason Pierce found lots of open receivers...

It was so bad that I thought they had painted a full-uniformed commemorative of Quentin Porter on the B.C Place turf....

...then I shut it off at the half. Not that much of a sadist.