How bad was Greg Marshall, really

Seems like the team is going through the same problems we had when coach Marshall was in charge.
He basically had to play Maas because of that big contract, and even with all those proven vets, we couldn't get it done. Same problems occurred.......couldn't get the ball down field, couldn't score td's, frustration for the players and coaches. Finally the finger pointing started.
Wasn't the reason that coach Paopao got canned because the offence wasn't scoring td's. We didn't stretch the defence and therefore they could play us a lot tighter. We weren't able to move the pocket and we couldn't get the ball down the field.
Just too predictable.
Seems like deja vu all over again. :cowboy:

Your beef has a ring of familiarity.

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I think there are numerous differences between Charlie and Greg that go way beyond the similar losing records.

The team now looks like it has direction beyond the games week to week. The Canadian talent and depth on the team is unquestioned, and the defense and special teams look to be very solid within the context of the league.

That being said, I agree with your comparison between Charlie's and Paopao's offenses, but this offense that Charlie is designing is still in it's infancy. I have a feeling by the time the team finds the right players and they fully grasp the system, the results will be drastically different.

Was Marshall really that bad? I think initially his enthusiasm works well with the players, but it wears off quickly. And with his constant yelling, combine with the fact that he doesn't have American collegiate or pro coaching credentials, I think he just lost the locker room.

But that is just one guys opinion. I have a feeling by the end of this season, you will look back at this temporary pain of losing and view the season as a whole as a success.

Well that is what I am hoping for at least!

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Hey laughinghard,

What's so funny? :cowboy:

Hey Paullywood,

I'm definitly not comparing coach Marshall to coach Taaffe. Coach Taaffe's credentials speak for themselves. In fact coach Marshall would have done well to work under coach Taaffe for a few years. That being said, the same problems of not being able to threaten the defences with a sprint out qb, not being able to go deep, and having to play a guy because of a big contract is hurting coach Taaffe, just as it did coach Marshall.

If Coach Taaffe had last year's team with last year's talent... combined with the chance to cut people that went to Mac... we would be a winning ball team right now.

Point well taken, and yes sometimes there are factors outside of the practice field that determine playing time during the game. But taking that in to account, I think Marcel and Charlie have more control over the football side of the franchise then Greg Marshall ever did.

And I believe Charlie knows how to handle the development of a quarterback and is doing what is right for the immediate and long term future of this franchise.

I know it really hurts to lose right now and people are sick of the losing over the past four years, but this team has a direction and I would never lump this years team in with the other groups of years past. There are so many new faces on the field and off, we are essentially cheering for an expansion team. It is perfectly logical that it is going to take time.

We have to act like a good defensive back as fans, have confidence in the staff, have a short term memory, and focus on the things that are going to happen in the future, not the things that have happened in the past!

How is that for inspiration?

Watch out Tony Robbins, here I come!

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What have you got against Lumsden?

Hey Crash,

Coach Taaffe can cut all the Mac players he wants this year and bring in all the talent he wants to.......but, like coach Marshall, he's saddled with playing Maas.
Like I already posted, coach Taaffe is a top-notch coach and I'm glad we got him, but if your qb can't get it done, it doesn't matter how much talent you have.

Nobody is stuck playing Maas.... they can get rid of them if they want. I dont buy this argument and anyone that puts up 350 yards with 1 INT (that counted) cant be that bad.

who exactly is ''they'' ?

sure aint coach taafe cuz i think if it was up too him chang would be starting

They as in Marcel, Charlie and Mike Working. And saying he would put Chang in if it was up to him is so foolish.... lemme guess... Lancaster calling the shots again.

You must mean Morreale, that useless MickeyMaster product we all watched drop balls and wimp out on routes over the middle last year.

Actually i meant Rankin, Felice, Kojo... but suit yourself troll.

I am a troll because I guessed which mcmaster player you were slagging? I named morreale? you named 3 of them, go crawl back in the hole you came from.

I was slagging all of the Mac players that wouldnt have been in the league if it wasnt for Marshall... thats been proven since none of those guys are playing right now.

Mike was the only one that actually had heart and DID go over the middle last year... but im guessing this argument isnt one worth having.

too bad your mom didnt think the same thing about you

you can slag them and its ok but I slag morreale and I am a troll? grow up.