How Bad is Rod Black?

this guy should be let go. What an embarrassment for the CFL.

I don't know what it will take for TSN to finally wake up and do what's right and put him back on Figure Skating!?

meh. there's not a play by play guy in the world that more than 60% of people like anymore, it seems.

I'm not a fan of his at all, but I can deal with it and I don't see who else would be any better.

God I wish you people would get off this fixation with Rod Black. This constant whining about Black is almost as bad as the constant whining about officiating.

Gord Miller is my hands down favourite, followed by Chris Cuthbert.
One of my personal favourite calls by Gord:

just watch the damn game and allow the comentators to be human. sheesh. Its just so childish to be constantly harping on one or the other.

At least this site doesnt say happy birthday to them :slight_smile:

What I would like to know is which announcers really love the CFL from the heart?

I feel no reason to doubt any of them.

Rod Black's only fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

why not just be neutral.

Well, folks, you won't have Rod Black to kick around this weekend. According to Drew Edwards' blog, Rod Smith will be doing the play-by-play with Duane Forde while Rod Black is busy covering golf.

who is rod smith??

ok Rod.. we know you like yourself a lot!

Who's the wiseguy who voted 10?


because we want knowledgeable announcers who know what they're talking about and don't say stupid things, repeat stuff all the time when it's not needed.

Black plain and simple is an awful Play by Play host.

what's even more shocking is that Cohen thinks he's great! :roll:

apparently, not enough fans think it is bad enough to send complaints to TSN. If we could make CBC keep Ron, we should be able to make TSN get rid of black.....if we really want to bad enough.

I voted 6.4tenths :stuck_out_tongue: still 6 none the less.

Rod Smith is TSN talent.

He's the anchor on Sportscentre, usually the 6:00PM edition. Do you not watch TSN? Rod Smith's been on TSN for over two decades.

Looks like Forde and Black both voted.... For a 10.