How bad can macbeth get? 2022 game vs lions, jun 26

why isnt he benched ? dimwitted should be fired - he n macbeth both just stink n get rid of defensive coordinator while u r at it !!! - they are all awful, just awful - i turned the channel and started watching movie 'watchmen' instead ------- dimwitted n macbeth n def coach r all just awful

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Not a good look Macbeth yelling in the face of his Coach after being pulled in the 4th quarter. Should have been pulled earlier as the game was basically over. Good time to give Kelly some game time reps.


Is Matt Nichols still out there somewhere ? What amazed me was when Pinball and mgt agreed to keep B'Thompson as to me he's always been a "pretender to the throne" And all that money iin free agency. MLSE should pull the rug now on this huge cash cow.

yelled at coach for being pulled w/ 1;27 ?
dinwitted said that macbeth was 'his guy'
they both need to be fired - what an embarrasment
3 pts scored - how many tickets is this gonna sell when they host wpg next ?

MBT needs control himself more. Yelling in the face of your coach can be a career altering mistake. We've seen him lose his composure on several occasions now & it doesn't look good on him. A leader of men has to do better than what he's shown me so far. I wasn't sold on him before last night's meltdown & I think he's in Porky's doghouse for life now.


argos need to fire macbeth, dimwitted n argo def coach --- how do u NOT score a TD starting at the 1 ? obvious blame on dimwitted, macbeth is NOT a leader, he is a used car salesman n def coach is very out to lunch --- all the lions receivers who scored TDs were wide open - obvious blame by coach who calls the plays -- u dont sell tix by only scoring 3 pts ---- he pinball - u should resign - u need jesus a lot more than those u r selling jesus to

How bad can MacBeth get? In the words of the immortal Bard... "f***ing bad."

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and macbeth had the gall to yell at dimwitted when he got pulled late in the 4th --- hey pinball !!!! do us all a favour and fire macbeth, dimwitted n argo def coach --- they are all dead weight n your buddy who helped put this team together --- go talk about jesus - u seem good at that - u arent good putting a team together

Exactly what Toronto should do is to sign Matt Nichols. Just be sure not to boo.

Bethel Thompson has not been Dinwiddie's guy from day one. He would be a good fit in Sask imo.

Antonio Pipkin would have scored from the one. Not sure who Simmons is, Dinwiddie needs to go.

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You are correct there PorkyPine IMO. I know Dinwiddie came on after the game saying MBT was his guy etc. etc. but I would think there was a metal note checked off in his mind that said "I'm going to get rid of this guy when the opportunity arises". But he can't right now as Kelly's not ready.


No argument there. Arbuckle was brought in to do just that last season but failed. The knives are out.

MBT has to be told what he did yesterday was unacceptable & he better not do it again, in no uncertain terms. If he can get away with it why not anybody? Dinwiddie's control of his team rests on how this plays out. In 45 years in the workforce I got fired once, for a discussion (ahem) with my boss that wasn't nearly as volatile as what we saw. And that wasn't even on national tv. MBT has to be on thin ice right now.

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Did it have anything to do with having to wear something below the waist on Casual Fridays?

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Not even close, & nowhere near as interesting. I was as glad to see his backside as he was to see mine. I was told later by a friend there he had to hire 2 people to replace me. :rofl:

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Same here. We need two people to operate the beaver suit.

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Can you see Wally Bono putting up with that juvenile display ? Sure the O line was more like a sieve but when you can't score from the one and your a big guy like BTH you should zipper your mouth. And Dimm took it ? Give Pipkin a shot as your right, he would have made the one yarder st least. And the knives should be out. Maybe Pinball or Barker should step in as coach but someone needs to take the reins or
MLSE will i'm sure.

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To think this franchise had the keys to Collaros- not once, but twice....and let him get away. Argos most likely wouldn't have won the grey cup with Collaros as they didn't have the surrounding cast the Bombers have, but they would have been competitive.
Then Tenanbaum goes around bitching how Argos franchise value hasn't increased....he shouldn't have fired Popp; who would have kept Collaros. Just needed to develop an O line and they would been fine. They had some good recievers. Defence would have been decent.

:sunglasses: Or imagine if he had got in the face of HC Chris Jones like that !!

I would love to see the end result of that scenario :roll_eyes:
Or going back a few years more, how about Ralph Sazio ????? :sleepy:

I can still remember Sazio and Mosca getting into fisticuffs after a game !!!