how bad are the Argos receivers????????

I my opinion I have never saw a receiving corp drop as many balls as they did tonight. I watched pop warner games that have more catches than the Argos. I feel bad for Damon Allen it tough to watch your receivers drop balls that hit you in them right in the hands. Thinks aren’t looking go in Toronto.

Yes, we will probably lose every game , now…but it is nice to see the 2 BEST teams in the CFL…have such a great game.

Not so fast my friend. The Als will be on top this year.

We will see , it is a long season. :smiley:

the argos have a good receivng core

Didn’t see the game, but I was impressed that they fought back. They might have a better team that I give them credit for, as much as I hate to admit it.

SASK. looked great tonight…B.C. deserved to win that game vs the ARGOS…but it could have gone either way…

Near the end there was a ARGO punt return for a T.D…making it 27 to 27…with 1 minute left…BUT the REFS said that he had stepped out of bounds… :?

A good receiving core for a defensive backfield. Look at how bad the argos beat them downfield, but it was all for nothing. You will never win a game unless you can catch the damn ball. All those passes were hitting them right in the hands, and there is no excuse for dropping it. What happened to the old football saying, “your suppose to catch it if it hits you.” These guys get paid to play like that, god bless Canada and especially Toronto. Those receivers should donate the game checks to charity for taking a game off. Either that or by some super glue for their hands. :lol:

There was no doubt about it…
He was out of bounds

Media may have overrated Toronto’s receivers. On paper, they seem impressive as Edmonton receivers were believed in 2004. Actual performance is different. To be recognized as the best, they must lead the league in passing yards and that is unproven and unlikely because of other teams.

I was looking for a few things in the BC game, Like how would the BC O line play… Wally thinks all of the sacks were Dickensons fault for holding onto the ball to long, well if 3 to 5 secs is to long then I guess he is right, I still have my doubts about that O line, even if TO has one of the best D lines. BC seemed to pick up some injuries as well.
TO offense… They look like they will be improved over last year, however until they play everyone once, its hard to tell if BC has improved there defence or TO has improved there O. TO defence is going to make life tough on a lot of teams.

Most of them dropped some passes (Miles, Soward, I think Baker had one) but the one guy i think is a pretty good reciever is that Talbot. He made that one great diving catch in a key situation. He didn’t drop any passes either.

What about Andre Rison. You know if you want to get another good reciever, maybe Steve Largent is available :lol:

Argos should play Michael Palmer. He is a back up and also is stuck on special teams at times. He had a great pre-season and is ready to step in full time. Too bad the Argo defence failed in that final drive by BC. I give BC credit for that drive, even though they did advance a good prtion of that distance by penalties. Hopefully, this will just be a wake up call for the Argos.

I dislike the Argos, but I just can’t deny Arland Bruce’s talent… I really enjoy watching the guy play, unless he plays the Als. Then I really hate the f*cker! :smiley:

Somebody needs to tell Pinball to stop handing out butter to the offense before gametime.

That Talbot guy made some nice catches, but I too was disgusted (well happy actually) at all those dropped balls. Made me think this was the XFL or something.

But the only Argo that had me worried whenever he got the ball, was Bashar Levingston. man I wish BC had a returner like that.

The Argos would have won this game if their receivers played better and if they didn’t take the timely dumb penalties they did. And remember that that running back of theirs, Hill, this was his first CFL game so he had some jitters but this guy is a good one, maybe as good as Avery. The Argos are going to be tough this year, no doubt about it.

Well Earl, If the Lions’ offence had played more than a quarter and a half, then the Lions would have blown out the Argos. Pretty scary that the Lions had a good 2nd quarter and did nothing in the 3rd and decided to turn it on with 6 minutes left in the 4th to win so imagine if they played that way for 60 minutes.

Stupid…I ran into John Avery later that night and he knew what we all do…the Argos shot themselvls in the boot. BTW, I threw in “hey Johnny, once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo!” He laughed and winked…he knows the drill…