How Ashamed-July 1st

Toronto wins
Pegs wins
Montreal wins

We lose after week 1 where last ..

haha...too funny to make a thread for that.

Good things I saw:

  • DLs and LBs got a lot of pressure on Pierce - JJ's hit on Pierce was a beauty
  • DLs and LBs stopped Reid most of the game
  • Some good coverage by Young, with a couple of knockdowns (one exception)
  • Didn't notice Dennis or Hinds much - usually that's a good sign for DBs
  • Some nice running by Cobourne
  • Good hands on Cobourne
  • Mann looking to be our #1 receiver?
  • Great protection by the OLs (again, one or two exceptions, and a couple of coverage sacks)
  • Medlock - need I say more?

Unfortunately, I also saw a few non-so-good things:

  • Glenn seemed a bit lost at times, overthrowing receivers
  • Bruce had trouble getting open all night
  • Bruce really has trouble catching passes from Porter, doesn't he?
  • Thigpen again doesn't seem to want to catch punts, letting them bounce, almost let Renaud recover one
:roll: You know who else is in last place? Calgary. Guess they should bench Burris and start Bishop, eh? See how stupid it is to overreact to one loss?

last years 2 weaknesses were this games strengths; running the ball and kicking game.

unfortunetly, last years awesome passing game dried up after the first half.

No The idea of this board is let off Stream
We need to after a loss bad .. Defence Special teams played well
where was new offence ???

Didn't mean physically tired just the same old thing I expected the new OC to come out swinging

When we hire a new OC...they are given the "Official Tiger-Cat Offense (sive) Playbook".

It's a lifetime contract they made with Jim Trimble never to sway from the good book.

No nothing...just a TON of dropped balls and no creativity.

Glenn sucks, he has had 1 good year in his whole career and that was years ago. He hasnt won anything and never will. Cut him loose and start Porter. If Obie cant see how bad Glenn is its going to be another .500 season at best.

Oh I see what you're saying. You are tired of seeing 30 yard passes to the side for 5 yard gains.

Hope they give that 3rd QB Lightning Boltus a try sometime. But I haven't given up on Glenn. He'll bounce back.

I really think people should do what I was once told you should do when you are angry with someone. You write a letter and then sleep on it. if you wake up and still want to send it, you send it. Otherwise, you toss it away. I think there'd be a lot less pointless and emotional threads if people did this.

As bad as Glenn was...he was victimized by a number of drops tonight (Bruce x2, Stala x3, Carter, Kelly).

New OC...same old same old.

Porter still stinks. Makes the first read...then runs. Throws a needless pick with a terrible pass.

And lastly...we continue to give points away. Concede the safety, let balls roll into the end zone.

When your team has trouble scoring don't hand the other team even more!!!

You clicked on the wrong forum.

i kinda hear where your comming from.
Glenn hasn't won anything in his career...i don't think he's EVER had a season above .500

Well, get used to it boys...he ain't goin' anywhere.

Porter didn't show anything tonight, other than he is still Porter.

Is it me or do we always start slow???

I didn't think Porter looked bad, seemed much more confident and made some nice throws. I'm not going to fault him for throwing an interception on 3rd and 10.

The offensive game plan didn't cost them the game, lousy execution did.

An Argo-Cat fan


I think it is way too early to judge, but I do wonder where all the "FIRE GIBSON" people are now. I'm not saying Khari Jones won't get better or that the offense won't be better, but everyone on here wanted to publicly flog Gibson because of how the offense performed last year. I wonder what it would have been like had the Cats had Cobourne instead of Cobb.

Way off. Porter was thrown out there and basically told, "Go gets us a win, kid." He was forcing things because he was trying to move the ball. He was only in the game for 8 minutes. Lay off.

This is what teams do. You don't see many punts coming from inside the end zone. There is no problem doing this. Much better than giving the opponent the ball in field goal position. Better to give up 2 than 3.

Fair enough, but it's not as simple as you portray it. The safety was conceded because it had to be. The single was just a bad bounce. And the one that put the score at 24-16 seemed to me to be Winnipeg's strategy. Usually, teams take the opportunity to pin their opponents deep. Winnipeg, it looked like, would rather get an 8-point lead and give up field position than pin the Cats at the 4. It was a smart move by Winnipeg, not a bad move by Hamilton.