How Ashamed-July 1st

What a least now we will cut our 2nd string quarterback "GLENN" and will start the way I'm sure the whimp..Mouch ..will be gone ...he should never been a Head Coach...maybe highschool at best....come on Hamilton we made a big mistake with our coach....any real coach would have changed the quarterback at send in Porter on the 4 and with about 4 minutes to go is just plain STUPID and ignorent...he doesn't have a chance....he just tried to make Porter look bad...What an ASS....anyone looking for a really bad Head- Coach or washed-up 2nd string can get them really cheap!!!!

Can't disagree. Change should have been made much, much earlier.

General comments and observations about the July 1st game will be collected here.

Very disappointed in the lose, I know it was a defensive struggle but common, we were promised a new improved ticat team, for what I saw it was the same old same old...


ticats Offense was pathetic Only 1 #Mann showed up

The Defence look better I thought they be the problem..

The whole game was disappointing, :thdn: begining before the game with NO FLY BY, :thdn: NO CANADA DAY TRIBUTE! :thdn: This was Canada Day and the cats did a bad job showing this period, not just the players. They should have had aleast a video or something at half time to show that this was Canada's day! Not some rugby!

Marcel has no gonads. KG wasn't playing well but the team was still within a TD of winning in the 4th quarter. One pass or a good run and they win and KG has done that before. It's not like he's a rookie. He's a proven vet coming off a strong 2010 season. That should've been KG's game to win or lose.

An Argo-Cat fan

Drew says KG felt 'disrespected' getting pulled out of the game. That's rich. He should have been pulled earlier. In fact, perhaps he should consider whether he gave the paying fans any respect with his amateur performance.

C.Williams should get the start over Thiggy next game.

Mann played well inside. The DLine and LBs looked good.

Too bad the CBA won't allow MB to have "extended" practices this week. I'm thinking LOTS of wind sprints to start and end practice.

AB3 needs an attitude adjustment with a 2x4 where the sun don't shine. Good on Deuces to sort him out.

There's this really big flag they bring out every game. They also introduced four members of the military prior to the game. I miss the fly-over. If you wanted to see a Canada Pride video I'm sure there's something on the CBC. We pay $1B/a for it so there better be.

Agreed. Glenn is an established vet. Ti-Cats were only one TD behind. He should not have been pulled, especially in game 1 of the season.

I'm usually one to stick with the starter especially early on in the season, only down my a TD, but Glenn looked terrible tonight

I have faith though that Glenn will come out and throw 300+ yards next week against the Eski's

its one game, 17 more to go :smiley:

TEAM issues continue.
Don't point fingers at individuals as it's a team sport. They win & lose as a team.
It is obvious though that Bob's team has continual growing pains and his 5 year plan continues to be complete to be a millionaire owner.


My thoughts on the game:

Why didn't we scrimmage from the 35 when Winnipeg was kicking with the wind? They booted it down to the one.

Why did we scrimmage from the 35 when Winnipeg was kicking against the wind?

Why, when down 7 points, do you allow a punt to roll around in the end zone and thus concede a point, making it an 8 point lead for your opponent. I consider the situation where a team has no choice but to run the ball out of the endzone to be one of the most exciting plays in Canadian football. I was aghast to see what happened on that play. Catch the punt and run it out of the endzone.

I was sitting in box J row 4 and was glad to hear Cobourne give it to Bruce for kicking the ball. He was saying, what are you trying to do, lose the game. That's what the ticats need, are players that want to win, like Cobourne. I like both players and hope Bruce elevates his game to what we know it can be.

I like what I saw from Eddie Steele, and the fact he is Canadian is a bonus.

I think we have a reliable kicker in Justin Medlock.

Can everyone take the shotguns our their mouths, please? The amount of over-reacting is comical. To the fool in front of me who said the team should cut Porter because he threw an interception, to the goofballs on here calling Glenn a second-string QB, you all need to just calm down. It's not like Winnipeg ran up and down the field and beat the Cats by 40. Even though Hamilton played as bad as they did, they only lost by 8. The defense was great, with the only bad play being the TD to Edwards in the first quarter. After that, they damn-near shut the Bombers down. The offense will click, probably next week against Edmonton, so if the defense plays like the did tonight and the offense finally gets going, things will be fine.

Can everyone just take a breath, please?

Just finished watching the game on PVR...

  • Kevin Glenn looked TERRIBLE!

  • AC is going to be a great pickup.

  • Mann oh Mann! :smiley:

  • Bruce, where art thou?

  • Weird how both kickers had no issues kicking 3's today. I guess it's because they didn't have any home reno's to do. :wink:

  • Our D did a fine job.

  • Best sack of the year? Ouch. #28 smashed 'em.

  • Ummm.... Mr. Glenn... you do realize that you no longer play for the Blue Bombers right? Yeah... thanks.

Still happy to have football back though! Getting used to starting the season with a L so it's not upsetting me that much. My only issue is that I'd usually give a Veteran QB the benefit of the doubt and say that he'll be better next game but KG just didn't show ANYTHING today. Threw wobblers and picks... not good. Anyone have Timmy Chang's number? lol


Happy Canada Day to everyone!

....none the less we lost, lost by 1, 10 or 100, we are 0-1.....but agreed on the season....let's give it some time.


It's a TEAM game, don't point fingers at individuals, but then you point your finger at the owner? Would you rather Bob not be a millionaire? What's your point?

Ticat offence just Plain Tired ! Just didn't see any pop.

Might be conditioning. They had the lead going into the half. They may have been gassed in the second half. Who knows? We'll see how they rebound next game.