How are your team's season ticket sales going?

Anybody have any updates?

Last I heard Riders are sold out of season ticket seats essentially and determining if or how many of the walk ups they will keep as such or release as season tickets. They are building as I write, 7000 extra bleacher seats as part of phase one seating for the GC. Phase 2 takes the seating close to 50,000 total seats for the GC. Not sure how the are handling theses seats but they have alot of leeway.

It’s not bleacher seating in the end zones (the main stadium is still all bleacher seating though). The end zones will be individual seats (complete with cup holders I’ve heard). From the sounds of it, they are testing out if people like that style (for use in the new stadium). The additional 17k seats or so to be added for the Grey Cup year will be bleacher though I think.

And to get a little more specific, the riders had about 25k season ticket holders last year with renewals this year at about 98% or something like that. I’m guessing with the extra 3k seats over last years total (we’ll have about 33k seats), they may allow more season ticket sales when the renewal period ends, but as you said, they do have a bit of leeway now.

IIRC the last I had heard was the Bombers' renewal rate was at least over 90% but I don't have any links to back that up. This season the Bombers aren't selling any Pick 10 packages but they are giving people who bought those last year a chance to buy full seasons before they go on sale to the general public. After the Pick 10 people have their chance, existing season ticket holders will have an opportunity to buy up to 4 additional season tickets. After that the general public will get their chance starting with those on the waiting list.

Just heard, Bomber tickets will be selling at a reduced price this year. When asked about it the Bomber brass stated that they felt since the fans have to bring there own lawnchairs this year, a reduction was in order.

IGF with lawn chairs would still be better than the dump that is Mosaic.

In your dreams.... :roll:

Nope; International Golf Federation na na na na na...hey hey hey....ect :rockin:

If that is the case then that's great news for the Bomber organization as they will have no reason to be anywhere near Mosaic in Nov./13. :lol: :lol:

never too early for bombers fans and rider fans to start in on each other i spose.

better than normal and normal is bad so...
Less bad?

Argos, over 14,000 season ticket holders.




The Lions must be doing fairly good.

When single game tickets went on sale last week I bought my tickets for the home opener. The only sideline tickets available were in the upper bowl. There were lower bowl seats available in the endzones and corners.

LOL!! Perfectly summed!


Good News from Hamilton!

Tiger-Cats president Scot Mitchell anticipates complete, and quick, sellouts for the final regular-season game, Labour Day against the Argos and a playoff game — should the Ticats earn the right to host one.

Game One would also likely be a sellout lock if there weren’t a CFL restriction on selling single-game tickets before June 1, leaving the Cats only 28 days to market the importance of the “first of the last.?

The Ticats won’t cite a concrete number, but do subscribe to the theory of relativity, announcing that new season’s ticket subscribers for the 2012 season are double the increases of the past two seasons combined. Mitchell said that puts them on an arc to reach their self-imposed cap of 18,000 to 18,500 season’s tickets when the new stadium opens for the 2014 season.

How come Montreal Single Game tickets went on sale May 11th if the CFL has restriction on selling single-game tickets before June 1 ????????????

This is obvious a clear violation of league rules, but then why would the league impose such a rule ??

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It appears that Montreal needs all the help that it can get. :frowning: