How are your team's season ticket sales going?

Any word from any of the teams?

I don't know an exact number for the B.C. Lions, but Lions President Dennis Skulsky was on local radio a couple of weeks ago and said the club is targeting 20,000 season ticket holders this season (it's a bit of cluster**** as they'll be playing 5 games at Empire, then the final 4 at a fully refurbished BC Place). They had 16,500 season ticket holders last season.

Grey Cup ticket sales were at 22,000 about three weeks ago (BC Lions season ticket holders only). The club is expecting a quick sell-out once the tickets go on sale to the general public in June.

last I heared, which was about 5 days after they had went public, the Riders had some singles left. Once again, their was a very high renewal rate, and I think ~5000 season tickets were available after renewal period. They are setting the cap for season tickets at 25000 this season, and I believe last year it was capped at 23000.

Yeah, I am thinking of getting tickets. I would love to attend the GC in BC's newly renovated stadium.

It's important to note that capacity in the renovated/retractable roofed stadium is 54,500 due to more suites and wider seats. So they're already at 40% sold. Now, I don't know whether they'll be able to add more seats for Grey Cup, but as it stands today, there will be about 5,000 fewer seats than the '05 Grey Cup that was played here. So I would encourage those thinking of coming not to wait too long to purchase tickets.

Just a thought...

I have no idea, I renewed back in October

So did I. So we know that the TiCats have sold at least 2 :wink:

The Bombers said last month that season ticket sales were above the number sold by the same time last year but I haven’t heard anything more recent. Don’t know what the total number is though.

I have no idea but I renewed my the second the letter came in talking about next years tickets.


April 13, 2011

The Winnipeg Football Club is happy to announce that season ticket sales for the upcoming 2011 season have hit 16,004 as of Wednesday, April 13th, 2011.

“We are very excited to be able to announce we have surpassed the 16,000 mark in season tickets sold,? said Blue Bomber President, Jim Bell. “With training camp less than two months away, increased anticipation of our new stadium and the excitement of what 2011 will bring both on and off the field, we feel this is a great time to be a season ticket holder.?

Fans will be able to check out their Blue Bombers for the first time on Thursday, June 23rd in their preseason matchup against the Toronto Argonauts. The home opener is Friday, July 8th against those same Argos.

In total, Winnipeg hosts five Friday night games, two Thursday night games, one Saturday game and the annual Manitoba Lotteries Banjo Bowl on Sunday, September 11th.

Fans purchasing season tickets for the 2011 season will also have the first right to a comparable seat in the new stadium which is slated to be open in 2012, while also saving up to 30% compared to individual gameday tickets in 2011 and many other great savings which can be found on

To purchase your season tickets, call the ticket office at 784-7448 or visit

Very surprised to see that a season ticket holder saves 30% from game day tickets. Any idea how much an average seat, season ticket goes for.

I just purchased mine today as a matter of fact.

The 'platinum seats' (field level between the 30's) go for just under $600 a pop.

I sit in the west upper deck, my tickets this year were $276.00(section 1 between the 5& 10 yard lines)That includes the discount for last years unused playoff voucher.

That's what makes the CFL even more popular, the affordable tickets.


I purchased my Argo seasons tickets over the phone back in January. I asked how the seasons tickets were selling, and the rep let out a satisfied “WAAAAAAAY better than last year!”

I got my late last year, but I guess this is a good sign.
With a new QB and hopefully a more exciting offense maybe the fans will come back?

That made me lol. :lol:

That is really good to hear for the Argos!!

I've had pick 10's past couple but went full on season tickets this year I'm in the upper deck 2 seats at $300 each. I think we're at about 16,000 right now.

Bombers are at 17,500:

[url=] ... on-tickets[/url]

The Riders maxed out their season tickets sales last year at around 24000 I believe. I dont expect it to be any different this season.

I may be wrong about this but I think they are moving that number up to 25,000 this year.