How are you hosting the big game Bomber fans

This years party will be outside. doing the following as only winnipegers can.
lets let every CFL fan Know :rockin: how to party Winnipeg style


Concept: The Man may have put the kibosh on tailgating outside the stadium, but they can't stop you in your backyard. If you feel like showing off your hardy Winnipeg heritage, why not hold your Grey Cup party OUTSIDE? Get an extension cord and drag your TV set out to the driveway, fire up the BBQ, dust off your sleeping bag, then start brainstorming ways to keep warm.

The menu: Chicken wings, burgers, and anything else that can be heated on a grill.

On tap: Whatever your jumbo Slurpee mug will hold.

Lets just party on till the Blue & Gold come home with the cup.

LOL, we used to do this for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, front yard on a busy street. Pure trailor park stuff! We'd have cars stopping, asking us the score!

getting together at my church to watch the game on two massive progection screens about 7feet by 7feet i don't even have a clue how many people will be showing up i am hopeing for around 100

Sounds like you all have the right ideas, here's hoping for a great time. It's just my wife and I at home this year as she's British and still cannot figure out why the goal-posts are 'upside-down', and that the ball is deformed.

The menu consists of pizza and Coke. The drink of choice (by far) would have been Mike's Hard Lemonade but I happened to get an extreme case of hip tendonitis, therefore taking meds.

Again, have fun at your respective gatherings.