How are you doing Christmas this year?

Usually, we have the in-laws over for a take out dinner on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts after dinner. Then they come over again the next day for the big meal. Then we get together again the next day for left over feast.

Not this year. So working around schedules such as my son weird Railway shifts, we are having take out for just our household on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morn my wife is going to prep 2 smaller turkeys and take one over to her parents for them to finish cooking there. She will also drop off a lot of other food and stuff.

In early afternoon, we will be Zooming with the in-laws while doing gift exchange. That is going to be a really weird experience. Then we will each have our separate dinners. We havent really discussed Boxin day but I guess both households will just do their own thing with leftovers. Maybe some more Zooming.

Sometime during these three day my son will work one or two shifts at crazy hours.

My wife has done almost daily zooming for work but I have never done it.

My son and daughter are in their mid 20s and still living with us and we wouldnt have it any other way. Specially now

We are usually real sticklers for going by rules and laws, but we will be bending it a little by having our sons girlfriend join us.


Just the two of us, under one roofers, along with a virtual get-together with the extended family on Christmas Day. Turkey is cooked (and tasted) because you can’t have Christmas without a Christmas dinner!

As they say, our gift this year is separation so that we all get to celebrate throughout 2021.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate otherwise. And Happy New Year. What an awful year, but some like me started the move-on earlier this year like me back in June knowing it was not going to get better after month after month of false promises and woeful execution at most levels but for first responders who showed up to work and persevere.

First responders, who had to report to work so long as not ill themselves, are the real heroes of 2020 along with all who fought on including some who did not make it.