How are The Former Ticats Doing ?

I wanted to ask the greenrider Fans.

How Former Ticats are Doing

DJ Flick
Wanyne Smith
Jamie Borham


Well if Luca Congi has been punting as good as people have said he is, Boreham might get cut. Flick is most likely a fixture in the receiving corps, and I think Smith will be starting somewhere on the O line

We will see about Flick, he has been doing well but damaged the hammy yesterday, not sure how serious it is....

DJ will be fine, he played thru banged up ribs and other miscellanious injuries when he was with the Ticats. Not one to puss out he never missed a game.

Hope you are right, but he has been out for a couple of days now, kind of hard to run if you blow a hamstring...., just hope its a small tweak that they are resting.

The teams success does not depend upon D.J. Flick. One of the things Mr. Tillman has done was get depth at the receiver position. I hope he gets well soon and I think we are a better team with him but I will not panic as a fan if he is out for a while.

On an aside, what a wonderful story about young Mr. Flowers in the Leader Post. What wonderful examples from real heros he has had in his life. I wish him luck here.

DJ will make the team as he adds another deep threat which will help us stretch out opposing defenses. As for Smith, he will be a starter on the O-Line. The only question mark is Boreham. The way Congi has been punting at TC he might be cut, unless they keep him just for kickoffs.

Boreham did all the kicking in BC/SK preseason game getting two or three field goals.