how are Rempel and Bekasiak playing in game action?

It's hard to tell when you're following the ball like I do.

Has anyone noticed if these two have made any impact in actual games lately blocking for Porter?

I know Rempel played a lot last week and Hamilton didn't give up one sack.

has bekasiak even been playing this season? i never see him on the field.

Tape the game and then re-watch it!

That works best for me because I'm at most of the home games and yea it's hard to follow individual performances.

Rempel played the whole game at left guard against Saskatchewan, and he played well. Dyakowski only got on the field when the field goal kicking unit was out for an attempt. Bekasiak has only dressed for one game this year (Sept.19 vs. Winnipeg) and he never saw any game action.

Why are the Ticats waiting so long to start Bekasiak? This guy is huge and athletic. All he has to do is plug a hole. What's the holdup on his development?

Switching from d to o isn't that easy. Just ask Kori Dickerson. I think the problem is that Bekasiak isn't fast enough. The coaches pointed this out earlier in the season as to why he was moved to the offense.

I think it's time to just let him go.

Bekasiak should be playing the last two games of the season.He's got to be quicker than Thomas at right tackle.Hopefully,Obie's plan is to start an all Canadian O Line next year.Calgary started 2 rookie Canadian guards this year and they're doing fine.Gagne-Marcoux,Hage,Dyakowski,Rempel,Hudson,and Bekasiak should be our line and reserve lineman for 2009.Perhaps free agency or the draft will provide added depth so that an all Canadian line will start and give us flexibility at linebacker and DLine.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley: